Multilingual Dreams

January 07, 2013

Sweet dreams, sleeping girl having multilingual dreams

What language do you dream in? Pǔtōnghuà 普通话 or Mandarin is what my twelve year old multilingual child was dreaming mostly on our recent trip to China where she was in a Mandarin School to immerse more deeply. I took that as a good sign...that her mind was processing it day and night.

Now that we are back to Penang at her Chinese school here, she is back to dreaming in all three of her fluent languages, although Mandarin is often dominant. She doesn't always remember her dreams in vivid detail, but she did the other day and we all enjoyed her funny trilingual dream.

Most of it was in Mandarin and she was both singing and talking in it, but then some how she ended up at her school in Spain and her friends there, so she started conversing with them in Spanish. Finally, at the end, she ran into us, so we all talked in English. Isn't language learning fascinating?

What do you dream? Do you enjoy discussing dreams on lazy mornings like we do?

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