Thaipusam 2013

January 27, 2013

Thaipusam 2013 exotic festival piercings
What is the strangest festival you have ever seen?

Thaipusam is a Hindu holiday celebrated by Tamil Indians in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar and more. It is one of the biggest festivals in Malaysia with millions celebrating it in KL and Penang. It starts in Little India in Georgetown and is one of the most colorful and exotic festivals we have ever seen ( and we've seen many awesome ones).

Thaipusam celebrates the victory of good or evil, but we have been hesitant to go due to the photos of the event that seemed disturbing to me and perhaps too personal for photos. But after talking to locals, we decided to spend both days this weekend celebrating Thaipusam which was a bit like a trip to India.

I have enough stunning photos of beautiful, colorful saris to make 100 blog posts on that alone!  So as I take time to sort through all the photos and video and enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend, I picked one photo that gives the essence.

All foreigners tend to be shocked by how this culture celebrates this deeply spiritual sacred festival, but it is easier to understand and appreciate in person, than just by photos. These are Lord Murugan's devotees carrying an elaborate physical burden/alter called a Kavadi via "Vels" or hooks pieced into their skin and attached as well as piercings through their mouths and all over their bodies. ( Done in a trance and no blood or scarring).

More photos and information coming about this amazing festival! What would you like to know or see?

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Izy Berry - The Wrong Way Home

Very interesting! I would love to see more photos!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Izy! LOTS more photos coming and a few posts about it!

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