Chinese New Year Celebrations

February 13, 2013

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year celebrations in Asia are colorful, thrilling and full of merriment! One of the great joys of slow travel and worldschooling at a Chinese school in Asia on our 7 year world trip, is to be able to learn Mandarin like a native and participate fully with the Chinese community.

Chinese New Year - Asian high school choir singing in Mandarin

Partly because 12 year old Mozart was a finalist ( and youngest) in the singing competition last year at her 1000 kid high school in Penang, she was picked again to be a featured singer ( in Mandarin) in her very large choir.

She loves to sing and preform, so what a fun way to learn Mandarin more deeply as well as the Chinese culture and bond with friends. Yep, she is the tiny, only blond in front ( since she is the only American in the school).

Just as her flamenco and Christmas recital at her school in Spain was unique, so was this and NOT something an American kid usually school at it's best!

Chinese New Year celebration - dragon dance

All the kids put on a fabulous show on their last day of school before the holiday began. From the dragon dancers...

Chinese New Year celebration - drums

to the amazing drumming group!

Chinese New Year celebration - traditional Chinese instruments
They also had two orchestras that preformed well, both a symphony as well as this close up shows, one dedicated to traditional Chinese music and instruments.

Chinese New Year celebration - Thailand dancers

Two thirds of the students are local Chinese Malaysians, but the rest are foreigners mostly from Asia ( most stay in the dorms at the school), so they also had this group of Thailand dancers. There was more of course, but we couldn't get photos of everything.

What a fabulous way to start our Chinese New Year celebrations in Georgetown! More coming as we join in the festivities around the town for the next two weeks. I will be getting up my amazing Thaipusam photos as well!

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Heidi Wagoner

This is great. I love how fearless she is and embraces life. I usually comment on facebook, but thought I would here instead. My kids love to know what she is up to. They too are social and outgoing. I think travel helps bring that out in kids.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Heidi ..happy to see you here too! ;)

I think she is going to start her own blog soon and youtube channel, so your kids and others can keep closer tabs.

We're just always juggling a lot.

Her nature has always been fearless and outgoing, but I totally agree, the travel has even increased that and her willingness to take risks.

Happy travels!

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