Escaping Winter in Tropical Asia!

February 28, 2013


As I took in this balmy blue view today with swaying palm trees at our latest tropical travel home base, soaking in some sun for it's health benefits and free vitamin D, I realized again how much I enjoy escaping winter in tropical Asia.

It is always summer here on the equator, so you can see why it seems surreal when I see friends posting photos of snow storms on Facebook or talk to our friends in Barcelona who tell us it is only 3 degrees there and snow nearby. Wow!

I really do not like cold weather, but I was a bit afraid before coming here, that it would be too hot and muggy for me. It certainly is tropical, and I wouldn't want to be working all day in the hot sun here, but lounging at the pool or playing on the large water slide here with my kiddo, taking the air conditioned buses or going to the air conditioned malls, mostly makes me forget the heat.

We've spent a total of a year and 7 months here ( with extended trips elsewhere in between) and have never needed or used air conditioning in our homes. The sea breeze, fans and being on a high floor with open windows keeps things cool.

Still adjusting our routines to our new home and settling in, (more photos and details coming soon), but I thought you'd like this peek. A cheap tropical life is quite comfy here!

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It looks absolutely amazing!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Sheralyn! I actually had planned on writing something else today, but when I looked at that view, I grabbed my camera and switched to this ( which also gave me more time to read and be lazier). ;)

Tonight at bedtime, kiddo said, "I really love our new home" and that made me smile.

It is fun to change and this one is very homey and has a nice energy..quite different from our super new, minimalist and modern one we just left.

Each place gives us a little different perspective on Penang! ;)


I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas of 2009 in Thailand. I spent it on a beautiful tropical island, and, just like you describe in the article, it was pure bliss. Spending the winter on a tropical paradise, especially when you're used to cold, brutal winters (I come from Canada) changes how you think about the winter season. I haven't been back since, but I am literally counting down the days until I can go back and soak up the sun!


Hi Jeanne,

I just love following your blog. We arrived in Georgetown today (my hubby, my 1 yr old and me) and were thinking of staying for a month. But we can't get any agent (even the ones you recommended) to help us with such a short term rental. We're at a hotel for now, but would like to get out there and start looking. Any suggestions? We like the 2,000RM price range. Anyone we can talk to?


Jeanne @Soultravelers3

Thanks Mala, welcome to Penang! The easiest way is just going to the places I mentioned in and others and just asking the managers.

Both Miami Green and Eden Fairway in Batu Ferringhi almost always have places available for short term rental ( even just 2 weeks and sometimes by the night...but the shorter the rent period usually the higher the price).

That is how we found our first apartment and didn't pay an agent fee. We just negotiated something with the local owner ( who the manager at Miami Green got us in touch with).

If you see ANY apartment complex that you like...just ask the management about the possibilities.

Also check out apartments at as this is how we found our latest apartment.

I will put this info on a new post soon about renting in Penang.

Good luck and enjoy!

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