Funniest Sign in China

February 01, 2013

funniest travel sign

Do you enjoy funny signs when you travel? This is the funniest sign in China that we spotted at the Great Walll, on our recent month long trip to China for language learning in Mandarin.

Our trilinguall daughter is fluent in Chinese, but her monolingual parents are not, so as funny as this is, the English is still much better than my Mandarin.

Chinglish and Manglish ( which we get here in Penang) are definitely very different languages than English, even if the speaker or writer doesn't always realize that, so makes for some giggles, ( as does our mistakes in Mandarin to Chinese speakers).

What is the funniest sign that you have seen on your travels? Here are few we have enjoyed on our trip around the world these last 7 years:


Funny sign in Scotland

Travel sign in Slovenia

Funny travel sign in Spain

Funny Travel Signs

Ireland Travel Sign

Funny sign in Italy

Funny Travel Sign - Tropical Version

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Izy Berry - The Wrong Way Home

Sometimes signs in local language are written poorly :)

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