Top 10 Most Romantic Cities

February 14, 2013

Most romantic ciites - San Francisco

What is the  most romantic city in the world? Here are our top 10 most romantic cities, although, truth be told. we've found romance every where on our 7 plus years of non-stop world travel.


San Francisco view and glass of wine

We start this photo essay for Valentine's Day with San Francisco as it is our home city and one we still find ultra romantic...especially from a lux room at the iconic San Francisco Fairmont!

2)   PARIS

Eiffel tower picnic Paris, France

I've been going to Paris regularly since I was 20 and it still enchants me. We were thrilled to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary there and also began our 7 year world trip by celebrating our daughter's birthday there, so Paris holds a special place in our hearts.


Barcelona angel
What is not to love about Barcelona and Costa Brava? We are partial to it as it is one of our "homes" around the world that we return to over and over again.


Sydney at sunset - opera house

We loved Sydney and found it enchanting on a beautiful day and don't miss the opera!


Venice and gondola

One certainly can't miss Venice and a gondola ride on a most romantic list. Go early, before the crowds come and enjoy the beach!


Shanghai cityscape - bund

Shanghai was a big surprise to us and we found we loved it. If you are into food, shopping and glamour, head to Shanghai.



Dubrovnik stole our hearts, so we stayed a month. Walking the ancient city walls on a sunny day can't be missed! We had a lovely romantic anniversary celebration there as well.



Prague is the golden city day and night and a delight in the fall after the crowds thin.



Seville is sublime and not just for Semana Santa, but all year long it will charm you as the queen of our beloved Andalusia!



Another romantic, exotic surprise was Istanbul which encompasses both Europe and Asia.

We've been to so many fabulous cities in our 7 years of non-stop travel (and lots of travel before that, like my trips to Moscow and Rio that could be contenders) so hard to narrow it down to just 10, but these were the ones that seemed right today.

What is your favorite "most romantic" city?

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Jessica Holt

I love this list, I give it a big thumbs up, now I just need to make it to all these places with my hubby :)

Robert Longley

Love the list. If I were to add to it, I would include Dublin, Montreal, Rio, Old San Juan, and Rhodes Greece.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Glad you liked it Jessica!! So many fabulous places, so little time....even for us.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Good ones Robert and I have been to all of those as well and many others that we loved. But I could only pick 10 for this list, so this is what made the most sense for us. ;)

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