Cooking in China

March 29, 2013

cooking in China on Silk Road

Cooking in China, restaurants and the food in China is quite fascinating. Cooking in all of Asia, seems very different than the west. We traveled to China in the fall and returned to tropical Asia just before Christmas, so it was very cold by the time we left. This didn't stop people from cooking and eating outside...a very popular activity all over Asia.

I thought all the cooking outside was a tropical Asia thing,due to the heat, but I learned that it doesn't matter what the weather, as they just put on warm clothes and got some coal for the homemade stoves. It's more about making money I think and part of the culture and the original fast food.

This was taken at the beginning of the Silk Road in Xian, so people have probably been cooking just like this in the same location for hundreds of years.

Exploring food while traveling is one of the great joys, don't you think?

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