Curing Gum Disease and Cavities Naturally

March 21, 2013

yes, you can heal cavities and gum disease naturally

Can you cure gum disease, re-grow bone loss and cure cavities naturally? Absolutely! I only wish I had known all this information earlier. Mozart just lost her last baby tooth at 12, so her teeth are still coming in and finding their place, as you see in this photo, thus I am grateful that I at least got some of this additional information at this point. Many have healed severe cavities and avoided braces just by correct diet.


According to the US Surgeon General’s report on Oral Health published in 2000, the mouth—including the teeth, gums, and supporting bone structures—is a “mirror for general health and well-being.” - See more at:
The mouth/ oral health is a "mirror for general health and well being".- Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health 2000

Like most people in the world, we spent decades in denial about how oral health is a total mirror for one's over all health. Cavities and gum problems are the beginning of  degenerative diseases and CAN be prevented and healed.

According to the US Surgeon General’s report on Oral Health published in 2000, the mouth—including the teeth, gums, and supporting bone structures—is a “mirror for general health and well-being.” - See more at:
According to the US Surgeon General’s report on Oral Health published in 2000, the mouth—including the teeth, gums, and supporting bone structures—is a “mirror for general health and well-being.” - See more at:

I could have saved myself a lot of dental travel problems, if I had known what I know now. I have been lucky as far as cavities are concerned as I only had my first at age 36 and that was a tiny pin point. Now I know I could have cured that easily with diet as that information has been proven by Harvard educated  Dr. Weston A. Price long ago in his FREE book EVERYONE should read. I have mentioned this before in travel health posts as it is a powerful book for anyone looking for healing on any level.

( As well as many others like Dr. Melvin Page, Dr. Edward Mellanby, Dr. May Mellanby etc who have the studies also to prove the science). It's even been published in ADA literature, but sadly, they do try to keep this information away from people or that dentistry hasn't really changed much since the Civil War. Lots of good information in this cure tooth decay blog and book.


We have found a great reliable source for fresh,  raw, grass fed goats milk in Penang, kefir and pastured chickens for bone broth, so drinking lots of each daily ( which are keys).  I will be writing more about our latest diet protocols that are working for us for cavity healing and prevention as well as over all health.


Since I had no cavities for so long and still don't, dentists always remark in amazement at my mouth as most people at 60 years old have already lost 8 teeth and have had many cavities. Sadly, like the World Health Organization reports that show 85% of adults in the US have some type of gum disease, I battled that problem since my early twenties, when I was first told that I needed gum surgery. Now, I know it didn't help I was on birth control pills for ten years.

healing gum disease and bone loss after 50

Despite dentists regularly warning me to get periodontal surgery for decades or I'd lose my teeth, the idea of gum surgery just never made sense to me and I had read about others who did it and had to keep on doing it, until their smiles and teeth were a mess. I had perfect wisdom teeth that never gave me a problem, but dentists talked me into removing them at 36 to help my gum disease. I kept looking for a natural way to solve this problem, especially when I knew we would be traveling the world and I'd be at the mercy of international dentists who wouldn't even speak my language.

Xray 2006

This is a full mouth xray of my teeth in 2006. After much research, many years of regular dental cleanings and check ups every three months plus impeccable daily home oral care and attention to a healthy diet, I was begining to solve or at least make head way with the problem, but I still had severe gum disease and severe bone loss.

I had 8 and 10 centimeters of bone loss on many of my teeth and nothing less than 5 centimeters which is considered severe periodontal disease. Several teeth were at risk when we took off on our world tour ( and I lost two along the way). Horrifically sad to lose teeth that have almost no cavities, yet dentists had little to offer me.


Gum disease is a huge health problem and most are unaware of the dangers. Left untreated, this dangerous bacteria is like an open spigot that spreads to all the body and creates a multitude of problems including increased risk for heart disease, renal failure, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

Needless, to say, I was very motivated to find solutions to this problem.As an older parent, I especially want to live a long, healthy life, if at all possible. I've recently realized that weight problems are all about malnutrition and is related to these problems as was my extremely low Vitamin D levels ( despite having a permanent tan from doing summer all year).

Xray 2008


Every dentist will tell you that it is impossible to grow back bone loss. My dentist was absolutely stunned by my x-rays and dramatic change and wanted to know how I did it. I was in my mid fifties when I cured my gum disease and grew back all the bone loss. I taught him how I did it.

This second x-ray done by the same dentist two years later in 2008, shows the massive change in my teeth, jaw and bone growth. I went from 8 to 10 centimeter probes ( showing the bone loss) to a normal 1 and 2 centimeter probe of all my teeth. No more inflamed gums, no more gum problems even today, several years later.

Now dentists rave about my teeth and gums. I hadn't heard anything good about my gums in over 30 years, so that has been a very pleasant  shock from quite a few dentists around the world! I love being the one with exceptionally good teeth AND good gums now.


I actually didn't know it was possible to grow back oral bone loss from gum disease or heal gum disease  until I did it. My main hope in the beginning was just to stop it from getting any worse as I thought that was all I could hope for.  Like most dentists tell you, I thought it was impossible, but my x-rays prove otherwise ...even in one's fifties. Most dentists don't know it can be healed and don't believe it until they see the x-rays.

I've passed on what I did to several friends and we are doing it now with my husband's gums and working on his cavities as well. Since we can grow back broken bones at any age, it actually makes sense that this is possible and not something one has to just live with.

It's an easy method, but too complicated for a blog post, so I've decided to put it all in an e-book to help others. I will let you know when I complete that and will keep it at a modest price in order to help as many people as possible.

We will also be keeping track of our process with cavities (primarily aimed at DaVinci and Mozart), but supporting me in other ways. Mozart has not had very many cavities, but we would like to get it down to zero and know bone health ( thanks to a good diet) is extremely important at her age, which supports her bones for the rest of her life.

Mozart had no cavities until four and suddenly she had extensive cavities. Now I wish I would have cured them naturally, but we went to a renown pediatric dentist and Mozart got many fillings in her baby teeth under anesthesia. I regret that choice now that I know better. I've learned that dentists drill very big holes and often destroy perfectly healthy parts of the tooth and the high speed drills can also cause problems, not to mention fluoride etc..

Our holistic practitioner Bertrand from Babinetics diagnosed the problem that caused the cavities due to heavy metals. She took a homeopathic medicine for a short time which quickly removed them and we didn't have a problem after that. Now we are using diet to support her teeth and health even more.

This post is part of  Fight Back Fridays and Real Food Wednesday.

Any questions or thoughts on this topic?

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Chandra Weaver

I would like to get your book also.


I would like to know how to order your ebook please.


Is your ebook/article available yet...very interested


Is your ebook available yet? Very interested...

jeanne @soultravelers3

Sorry David, but my name is not Deborah , but Jeanne. Thanks for your kind words, but my life has taken such a wild turn that my plans for this book are on hold. I slowly try to work on it, but I just don't have the time as yet. As soon as I do I will get it done and out.

There is a lot of good info in this post that will give any one a good start and I believe in some of my answers in the comments.

Alas,the rest will have to wait until I have the time to do it properly.


Hello I know this is an old post, I hope someone can help me with my problem.
I had braces done in my early teenager, I at that time did not know much about ortho procedure, my aunt took me to a dentist to get my braces done but this dentist is not specialist.

I had to switch dentist for some reason, and new dentist told me the old dentist didn't do a good job with my bottom and had cause my gum to expose.

Again at that time I did not know any better, I was very young.

Now at 35 I realized that my gum had receeded because of bad job done with my braces.

Can I regrow my gum in this case? The space in between my lower teeth are very obvious (triangle).

Please help. I am desperate.

I do not want to loose my teeth which I already have a few crown, due to lack of knowledge from my parents. I grew up in Asia and I am now paying for this. I am very depressed.


I would like to be contacted when your e-book comes out thank you :)


Good morning, Jeanne. Hope all is well with you and your family. As many of your readers have noted, I find your blog posting to be inspirational and in many cases, instructional. I occasionally check back at this particular blog posting, which is near and dear to my heart, to see if, perhaps, there had been an update. It's pretty apparent that many (such as your's truly) would greatly benefit - health-wise, mentally, emotionally, and financially - from any additional information that you can provide on curing gum disease naturally. That said, just wondering if the eBook that you refer to in this piece is any where near completion? Would certainly be music to my & many ears. Any update would be greatly appreciated. I'll be checking back very soon for any update to this piece. Keeping the faith here :-) Thank you, in advance, Jeanne, and best with all. ~ David


Hi. Did you ever finish your book? I am very interested in your method. I too have bone loss and recessed gums and I am in search of a natural cure. Thank you.

Jeff Nudd

Any news on your eBook yet? I have been waiting patiantly for your book. Please let us all know when you will be completing it? Kindest Regards.


Hey Jeanne,
Very inspiring blog :) I would love to buy your book to heal myself as efficiently as you have discovered and done. Please email me when your book is ready.
Thank you so much


Hi hun I just read your post I’ve just be diagnosed with moderate/ server
Gum disease I have 40% bone loss have to go for cleaning s every 3 weeks expensive and painful!
I have lost 2 bottom front teeth and have a plate! (All happened in such a short space of time!
I really believe I could heal myself as anything is possible I’m just now 100% sure on how to go about it as like you said dentist say it’s impossible 😡
How do I go about getting your book as I would love to know and read about how you healed your teeth and gums
Thank you
Kind regards

Suzana Frankarli

Hi, I would love to buy your book if it's finished. Looking forward to heraing from you.
Kind regards.

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