Funniest Signs Around the World

March 06, 2013

funniest signs around the world - camel crossing

Amongst the great joys of our 7 years of open-ended family travel, are the hilarious and amusing signs we find on our trip around the world and get to add to our immense photo collection. Sign spotting weird, strange, funny signs is an entertaining game for world travelers.

On an enchanting moonlit night in Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, we passed this sign on our way to some boating the Red Sea in Aqaba. Of course, we had to stop and get the photo to remember it forever and share with our readers. It's not every day that one runs into a camel crossing sign!


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Have you ever run into funny signs on your travel? What is your favorite one?

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Hi there,
I remember coming across a sign that said 'Extraterrestrial Highway' as I was driving along a highway in Nevada. I think the US has some of the best tongue-in-cheek signs in the world. That, however, is my opinion. What do you think about signs in other countries that are written in a language that you don't understand? I find this to be especially frustrating when I'm driving on the roads of a major city in a foreign country in a rental car.

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