Granada's Alhambra

March 22, 2013


Granada's Alhambra, a breathtaking Moorish palace and garden, is the most visited sight in Spain and one of Europe's top attractions.

We have been blessed to visit this spectacular UNESCO World Heritage sight many times on our family world tour because we spent winters in Spain during our five years RVing in Europe, based nearby on the Costa del Sol. It was easy to do a day trip from our village or go skiing in the nearby mountains, so we did it often and even did it when family came to visit.

One of the best world school educational ideas to do with kids is to read related books before hand to prepare them and dress in the traditional clothes from that time. Mozart loved being an ancient  Moorish princess! The Arab baths there are also divine. Don't forget to see it at night and sunset as well as the day time.

Alhambra in Granada Spain

The name Alhambra means “red castle” because in some lights the towers take on a golden reddish hue. It dates back to the ninth century and is a fortress (alcazaba), a palace (alcazar) and a small city (medina). Moorish poets described it accurately as “a pearl set in emeralds” and it is  considered a masterpiece of world architecture.

My favorite part of the Alhambra were the gardens, which like much of the entire complex, were inspired to duplicate heaven on earth. There were awe-inspiring views to the Alhambra, the white Albaicin old moorish section of Granada and the snow capped mountains, plus lots of water elements,greenery and flowers.

Alhambra in Granada Spain

Is the magical Alhambra on your bucket list?

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Granada, and in particular the Alhambra, is my favorite place on earth! I have a girl the same age as Mozart and I think she is so fortunate to have parents like you that expose her to all of these amazing spots!!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Laura! Yes, she is indeed a very lucky girl to be able to see so much of the world and let it all belong to her and we are so happy we made the sacrifices to make this happen.

We were actually not sure how it would work out before we left, but now are so happy with our choices.

I sooo agree with you that the Alhambra is one of those very special places on earth.We loved Granada too, but also glad we chose to base at the sea nearby where it is warmer in the winter. ;)

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