Rustic Europe - "Driving Over Lemons" Country

April 02, 2013

Europe old world rustic charm- going to work on a donkey

It's hard not to love the rustic old world charm of Europe and the book, "Driving Over Lemons" is a must- read for anyone interested in spending time in Southern Spain, Costa del Sol and Andalusia. It's by England's Genesis drummer, so a very UK perspective, but enjoyable for anyone who has lived in  Andalusia and loves the rugged people and land.

This is our neighbor in our tiny village in rural Andalusia who we saw almost every day and heard the clip clop sounds of his donkey or horses as they passed by our winter home in Spain. It always made me smile just like the oxen on the street, horses tied near restaurants, oxen crossing sign, festivals, and our daughter horseback riding those green hills.

Don't you love it that there are still places in the first world that retain the exotic charm of old traditional ways?

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