Best Beijing Travel Tip- Fun for the Whole Family

June 11, 2013

Take the family to China - our best tips!
China is an amazing place for a family vacation and our best Beijing kid-friendly tip is to dress up Emperor style and fly around the top attractions!

We so enjoyed our month in China for Mandarin immersion  and cultural adventures to add more Mandarin fluency for our multilingual child.  What a thrill to visit China for the first time with a fluent trilingual kid who could lead the way ( and surprised many locals).

best of Beijing --feeling like an Empress in the Forbidden City

We loved the Chinese school in Beijing where she was immersing by living there 24/7 while we did a homestay nearby.  We went with this best school in Beijing  ( and our friend Winser Zhau) on a kid's field trip, deep into the Forbidden City  and accidentally stumbled upon this tourist concession.

best tip for families traveling to Beijing - dress up like an Emperor and fly to the top attractions!

As a travel blogger and a mom who knows the importance of educational travel and the value of living history things like dressing up in traditional clothes for kids to make a lasting travel memory, I was ready to immediately jump at this, but my two beloveds were more hesitant and thought it was a bit too touristy.

We are all so happy that I talked them into it as we all had a blast doing it. Wow, it was sooo fun and you really do get the sensation that you are flying over Beijing and the Emperors costumes are divine! This is a souvenir we will cherish forever. What could be better family travel fun than blowing kisses to the people of China while celebrating it's vibrant past in this creative way?


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Glad you enjoy China. I just read another article about Beijing's air quality. How do you find it? Their particulate count is off the charts. Otherwise, I guess it might be an interesting destination. Take care.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Hey Curtis! Before going we were concerned about the air quality, but as you can see by all the clear sunny skies in our photos of Beijing, we didn't run into problems there during our visit ( which was purposely done in the fall when it is traditionally the best time for air quality).

We did run into some in Xi'an before we left though as winter set in and coal started being used to heat the homes.

I have friends in Beijing who have lived there a few years and have not had any health problems.

We had a fantastic time in China and it was one of our favorite destinations so far ( didn't expect that before going) and I think it is fine for a short trip, but we hesitate going for a long stay because of the pollution and possible food safety issues.

We had no problems with pollution and the food was spectacular ( we tried to eat mostly organic) ...but I'd be more concerned about a long stay of 6 months or more. Thus we immerse in Mandarin mostly outside of China. ;)

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