Blarney Castle - Cork, Ireland

June 27, 2013


Is kissing the Blarney Stone on your bucket list?  Blarney Castle near Cork is a 15th Century medieval stronghold that remains one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland. 

Kids love castles, iconic things like this and green open spaces to run around and explore, so no wonder it's a perfect day trip for familiesClimb up to the top via a narrow staircase, enjoy the views and bend over backwards to kiss the stone if you are looking for that gift of gab. ( With my mobility challenges I waited at the bottom).

Bring a healthy picnic lunch and wander the fairy tale-like verdant grounds and gardens with winding paths throough waterfalls, streams, rocks and interesting places to explore. We took time out to do a little fiddling on the violin for our world travel Youtube video series.

We spent quite a bit of time in County Cork and met some great people there because our RV was rear-ended in France on our way to catch the ferry to Ireland. Luckily, we found someone there to fix it well enough to last until we returned to Spain for the winter, thus we had lots of fun getting to know this area


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Okay, who has made this pilgrimage or is planning to?

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Theresa Lode

Once again...I SO enjoy seeing the world through your eyes. Thank you for writing and sharing so generously. I wandered over to your post on traveling with health challenges and just have to say, I am inspired and encouraged in my health issues by how you've handled- and continue to handle- the challenges. You so totally rock!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Oh, thanks so much Theresa for your kind words! Well, I certainly wish I didn't have to deal with health challenges and pain, but I find my ways around them and glad I can inspire others.



This Irishman skipped the Blarney Stone when we were in Ireland. The castle is very cool, but the idea of doing an upside down kiss on a stone kissed by millions of tourists before was not enticing. Oh well, I am told I still have the "gift of gab." Hopefully, you saw other castles while you were in Ireland too.
Take care.

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