European Charming Customs

June 15, 2013

Charming Europe

One of the joys of a European vacation is exploring by walking around and absorbing the many European charming customs that are different than at home. We've spent about 7 years in Europe on our world tour, usually traveling by campervan, but sometimes trains, bikes, buses.or hiking.

Mostly though, we walk Europe ( just as we walk Asia) as we like experiencing the world from ground level and slow travel.

One habit in Europe that I enjoy observing is bedding airing out via a beautiful open window. Some how it always makes me smile. So practical too! This photo was taken in France in the darling Dordogne.

What is your favorite charming European custom?

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We miss many things about Europe. Particularly, we liked the more relaxed atmosphere. People did not seem to be in the infamous rat race as much as they are in the U.S. So, meals were slow and enjoyable. Family life centered around dinner time. Even in restaurants, you can take your time and relax without being rushed out the door to make room for another paying customer. Italy is probably the most traditional about meals. We loved sitting and chatting as we casually enjoyed the courses. Pubs in the U.K. were always a favorite with us too.

Take care,

Jeanne @soultravelers3

I couldn't agree with you more Curtis and that is why we consider Europe one of our homes! We have spent more time in Europe than any where on our non-stop world travel trip these last 8 years and looking forward to more soon.

We are excited now planning our return by taking the famous Trans-Siberian Railway between Bejing and Paris with fun stops along the way like Mongolia and Moscow.

Sooo many wonderful places in this world!

Europe is even more fun when you speak the language and our little trilingual will be adding French next ( which should be a lot easier than reading and writing Mandarin Chinese due to her Spanish fluency).

We are all looking forward to it, but more exploring Asia first. ;)

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