Southern Spain Cave Houses

June 20, 2013

Intriguing caves and cave dwellers in Spain

Have you ever vacationed in a cave? We did luxuriously in Turkey , considered Spain troglodyte living when we wintered in Andalusia and loved visiting Barcelona's best cava cave.

Southern Spain is actually quite famous for it's very luxurious cave dwellings near Granada and they even have troglodytic real estate firms! Our first rental in Spain was actually part cave on the bottom floor.

People have lived in caves world wide through out history in places like France, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Spain and more. Some are huge and have ten or more rooms and remain at perfect temperature in cold or heat. Granada Province in Spain, has the largest population of cave dwellers in Europe. 

Near the Costa del Sol, at the UNESCO World Heritage site, Alhambra, it includes the ancient cave settlements of Albaycin and Sacromonte which have existed before the 15th century. In this gypsy quarter you can find not only cave houses ( casas cueva) but also cave hotels, cave bars, cave theaters, cave spas, cave restaurants, cave flamenco etc.

This photo was taken in nearby Guadix on the other side of the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains . I took it while doing one of our road trips in Europe. We always enjoyed this drive from camping Granada to camping Barcelona ( with a spa stop along the way) and checking out all the exotic cave dwellings.

Is sleeping in a cave or tree house on your bucket list?

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