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July 11, 2013

how to make delicious, easy, cheap, healthy home made pissa

Are you looking for that perfect Paleo Pizza recipe? I hear ya! Since we have been not eating ANY grains legumes, processed food or sugar, with our WAPF/GAPS/Paleo Template style diet on our prevent and cure cavities health kick, I have been challenged to find some good treats for my family.


At first I was super intimidated with the idea of cutting out all of those things totally, but it has actually been easier, more satisfying and delicious than I thought and we are almost 6 months into this now as a family, loving it and getting healthier.

I've been doing it pretty consistenly since December 2011 and even my blood work, showed major positive improvement. Surprisingly,  kiddo's teeth whitened about 5 shades by the first month and DaVinci no longer snores, so we see lots of positive changes already that we didn't expect.


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ingredients to make healthy pizza

On my Father - Daughter Relationship post I shared our pizza party for hubs 60th birthday and said the recipe was coming, so here it is. We have the extra challenge of not being able to find all the organic food that we would like here and we have not been able to find any grass fed beef.

Luckily we can find good pastured eggs, chicken and wild salmon, plus many organic foods in Penang. We tend to like the paleo/primal style that has us eating more high nutrient veggies than most vegans and top quality raw goats milk.


We've also just discovered that aged Gouda cheese is super healthy and has more in Vitamin K2 than most liver or grassfed butter, so use that for our pizza ( though we usually eat it uncooked).


1 1/2 Cup Coconut flour

5 Tablespoons Psyllium Husk powder

2 Teaspoons of baking powder

1 Teasspoon of Celtic Sea Salt

8 Egg whites

1 Cup boiling water

2 or 3 cloves of garlic ground

Oregeno and Basil to taste


Preheat oven to 350F

Combine coconut flour, psyllium husk powder, baking powder, oregano, basil and celtic sea salt in a glass bowl. ( You will be adding boiling water, so glass etc. is needed).

( We can't find baking powder, so make a substitute which is half baking soda and half Braggs Apple Cider vinegar and that works well).

Mix well.

And egg whites and ground garlic and mix until it is a thick dough.

Add cup of boiling water directly from the stove.

Mix well and slowly untl the dough firms again

Place on baking paper on a cooking sheet and put into the oven to bake for 65 minutes.

Flip on other side for about 10 minutes ( optional)



We've tried 4 or 5 different crusts and like this one the best and I have tweaked it a bit to fit our needs and what is available here. I make it in a clear mixing bowl and these are the dry ingredients

It is quite an easy recipe and can be done at once,  but sometimes I make the crust ahead and then leave it in the refrigerator a few days and then add the ingredients and make the pizza which works fine too.

gluten free pizza dough

Once you add the egg whites and wet ingredients it become more dough like. Adding the water can make it too liguidy looking, but keep stirring and give it time and it will thicken again as both coconut flour and psyllium husk powder get thicker with time.


Baking paper or parchment paper just makes things easier to move and flip.


The bread crust will rise, but much of this is air, so I just put a fork or knife in it, before flipping over.


I am a bit of an adlib cook, who always tweaks things and so every time is slightly different. I always adlib on the flip over time and how long I leave it on the other side. My family prefers it dryer, so I tend to err on the side of overcooking to make sure the center is less moist.

Let this cool, ( say if you bake in the morning and set on a rack), use right away in making your pizza or put in the refrigerator for making another day. I've done it all three ways and will problably try freezing it also at some  point.



Now you are ready to start the fun part and it is really up to you on what you want to put on your pizza. We keep ours simple ( but vary - depending on what we have on hand and our mood) and start with organic tomato sauce.

organic tomato sauce from italy

I usually chop things up ahead or give this assignment to my 12 year old daughter or husband who are both good choppers. We bought a cheap grater to grate the cheese and the dishes come with our rental apartment, (but we had to buy our oven in Asia.)


In these bowls I have collected onion, gouda cheese, tomatoes, green peepers, olives and pastured chicken which i used on the birthday pizza. ( That one was done with a flax seen crust which is a good crust, but this one is better).

We sometimes use odd things like bok choy because we can't get organic chard, kale or spinach here, so use organic bok choy variations as our standard replacement for greens and it works great.

veggie pizza

We have a small oven so that dictates the size of my pizza. We divide this into 6 large pieces.

healhy veggie pizza with cheese

How much cheese or what toppings is individual choice. I actually divide our ingredients a bit so each of us has a unique pizza depending what we like most.

homemade thick crust healthy pizza in the oven

Pop it into the oven and it is done when your cheese has melted.

low carb pizza - yum!

Yum! This is what it looks like when you take it out of the oven. If I use broccoli in the pizza, I usually steam it a bit first.

Nom, nom. Super cheesy pizza...and good for you!

This healthy pizza is a huge hit in our house. My daughter gave it the ultimate compliment...she wants me to make it when she has sleep overs!

She also packed it when she was invited out with friends to a pizza place, so she could join in and still eat healthy.

This pizza usually goes very quickly in our household, but we rarely finish a whole pizza in one sitting. ( These last two photos are of the flax seed crusts, but it is very similar).

 Pizza..going, going, gone!

Recently an extra piece got pushed back in the fridge and some how forgotten for over a week, but when warmed up in the oven, it was still great.

This isn't a weekly meal for us, but more of a special, "comfort food" treat. Remember to drink plenty of liquids when eating this because of the psyllium husks.

healthy pizza and salad

No, it is not EXACTLY like pizza made with ( harmful) wheat  flour, but it is close. Sooo yummy, cheap, healthy and easy to make!

Any questions?

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It looks absolutely delicious - I'm enjoying your articles on healthy eating in Penang, since we'll be spending 6 mo. there over late 2014/early 2015 - if you can find these ingredients there, then with any luck, so will I :)

I've now got your recipe saved in a Word Doc. with a link to this page for future reference. Can't wait to try it!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Cool Sheralyn! Happy to know you are enjoying the healthy food and recipe posts!

We will have moved on by then I am sure, but we have found Penang to be a pretty good spot for organic food ...and cheaper than most places around the world.

They need to get some top quality grass fed beef. There is some in KL and Bangkok I hear, so maybe it will make it's way before you get here. ;)

Mishele Newkirk-Smith

Thanks for sharing this recipe! My boys have been asking for pizza for the past two weeks, but, I have not given in because store bought pizza is so unhealthy. This recipe looks easy to follow and I love the idea of adding difference type of vegetables. I can even have the boys make their own from Mom's choice of ingredients. I have dinner planned for tonight!


Jeanne @soultravelers3

Glad to hear you like it Mishele! Part of the beauty is it is so easy to make and the kids can help...and parents can feel better about this comfort food treat. ;)


Wow, that looks great! Love taking generally high caloric foods and finding new ways to make them healthier! Definitely trying soon!


I like this!

Thanks for sharing.

I have shared this for my followers on my blog.

This is a perfect alternative to my cauliflower pizza recipe.


Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Alfie!! it is still one of our faves!!

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