Healing Journey and Blessings

August 05, 2013

healing journey through food and blessings - our angel inspiration

Many of you know that we are on a healing journey now as we travel the world on this ultimate family adventure, and I have been traveling when sick ever since the tragic bike accident in 2009 ( besides my fear of flying issues, phobias and mobility challenges from the beginning).

Eating healthy food on a budget  has always been a priority, but now organic food, juicing, making kefir, bone broth, grass fed raw milk, pastured raw eggs and fermented real food as well as learning every health secret I can , has become the highest priority.

My health journey means I've turned into a real food cook and learned to make healthy ice cream, calfouti, fermented salsa, pizza, goat cheese, healthy chips, mayonaise, soda pop, healthy snacks and so much more.

I will be sharing many more recipes with you and I am working on getting my book about curing gum disease naturally done as quickly as I can. Then we will work on the travel books and Mozart's. There is LOTS going on behind the scenes here.

Pain is a great teacher and I have dealt with some severe, prolonged  pain and debilitation since my Danish dentist in Spain gave me an antibiotic which made me violently ill for several weeks and I ( of "iron" stomach lifetime fame) have not been able to digest food, even broth, ever since without extreme pain and dysbiosis.

 Slowly I improve, but it's a challenging problem in today's world once you get the all- important gut flora out of balance thanks to antibiotics). The irony is I have always been very careful of taking any antibiotics, but I had more than my share as a kid unfortunately. The good news is I have no problems with sugar, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. which are so common with folks my age, nor am I on any medication.

Like Dr Walsh and Dr Hyman in these super important videos, I went to the top medical and alternative doctors ( on 3 continents) looking for a cure, but as I got worse, I discovered that food was the best medicine and how bad even the healthiest of us eat.

healthy organic real food

I couldn't believe that top M.D.'s could not help me and I saw some famous ones while in California, but was in agony by then and just got worse and no one seemed able to help.

I also spent a fortune ( grabbing too big  a share of our tight retirement travel budget of living on 25K a year) on alternative doctors in the USA & Europe who helped a little, but got better help with TCM in Asia and China ( and it was cheaper!). TCM is much better in Asia than it is in USA or Europe.

It was/is often up and down, through each day, so I managed to keep the blog going, just as I had the year my dominant right arm was paralyzed from my bike wreck by teaching myself to type with one hand, (my left!) and using an apple for caps.

Since no one seemed able to help me and I kept getting worse, I knew I had to find some answers myself  or I was headed for death as I was declining so fast.  Often times I was so sick that I worried I wouldn't  make it through the night, but there was no choice but to edure as the hospitals ( in Spain, California and Asia) had no answers or help for me.

delicious organic real food

I've made quite a bit of progress on my own, thanks to good books and researching smart folks on the internet and changing my whole life and diet. That has been a tremendous blessing and I am so grateful for this insight and to be able to pass on what I learn along the way.

I don't just want to cure this mystery disease of mine, I want to get in the best shape/health that I ever been in and I have hope now that I can do just that!

In the 21st century our tastes buds, our brain chemistry, our biochemistry, our hormones and our kitchens have been hijacked by the food industry.” ~ Mark Hyman


Interestingly, not ONE doctor said anything about my  EXTREMELY LOW vitamin D levels, although INFORMED doctors know that Vitamin D deficiency is epidemic with MANY diseases associated with it.  Despite having a year round tan,( because our travel lifestyle keeps us in summer all year)  I didn't know how to use the wonderful FREE  tropical sun for health until recently.


What is even more outrageous is NOT ONE DOCTOR who read my blood work warned me about my high homocystein levels! This high homocystein level can be deadly, 3 times the risk of death by heart attack, stroke, blood clots and increasing the risks for many diseases including cancer and Alzheimer’s. HOW COULD THEY NOT TELL ME THIS???

Instead they lied to me and told me my blood work and all tests were normal. I was flabbergasted because I wondered how could I be so sick and yet every test says I am normal. How criminal is it to charge 500 dollars for an office visit ( not including tests of course) and not even tell a patient this essential information? We drove several hours each way ( with me in agony) while in California to visit one of these famous doctors quoted in several books as a top expert.

Truly shameful and negligent, but sadly, typical as most just care about making money. I hear many stories like mine, from people who never get satisfaction from the medical system no matter how much money and time they give to it.  Often times, ( like my case) they give you things that harm you as well ( as this doctor and others did for me).

 “Follow unconventional paths: they will take you where you want to go” Alan White


Homocystein levels are EASILY lowered by taking the proper B vitamins.( I have not been able to absorb my nutrients for some time, but now doing well with an amazing clinical nutritionist's help).

Was it one of these esteemed M.D.'s who told me about the high homocystein level? No it was my nutritionist who read my blood work better than anyone so far and she actually listens to my input!

One of my great blessings has been running into this healing angel online so that I don't just have to shoot in the dark and hope for the best. She immediately saw that B vitamin deficiencies  and thyroid problems were part of the puzzle for me and I saw immediate relief with some simple changes.


The more I've read, the more I have experienced, the more I have  become totally disillusioned with traditional M.D.'s  and dentists. Just like Dr. Walsh and Dr. Hyman who believed in the system once, I think more and more people are waking up to the fact that it no longer works. Americans have some of the worst health in the world.

The system just doesn't work... doctors/dentists are trained instead of educated so are punished for questioning; the FDA/medical system etc are owned by Big Pharm/corrupt corporations; and our toxic food supply of processed foods and factory farm antibiotic/growth hormone full frankenfoods  needs to change. WE individuals are the ones who can do it by doing things differently.

delicious organic real food fruit bowl


I am so grateful that what I have learned can also help my child as her whole generation is in big trouble. For the first time in history, the next generation will not live longer than their parents. Sadly, 98 percent of food ads viewed by children are for junk-foods that are high in sugar, bad fats or sodium.


I am thrilled to be finding some amazing innovative people in the healing fields and that has been part of the blessing for me. I am excited to soon be doing some great interviews with some of these awesome people like Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines, Dr Hang , Ramiel NagelCarol Vander Stoep , Clarence Teo and more.

In writing my book about my experience in curing my severe gum disease, I've come to learn how connected oral health is to over all health and how the state of our mouths reflects the state of our health. I will be writing a whole series about this as I am discovering vital information that more need to know. If you or your kids have cavities,  crooked teeth, gum disease, you will be happy to know that all are preventable and curable ( and ignoring can create huge health issues down the line).

delicious organic real food - bone broth


My experience in life has been that with every challenge, there are also blessings in disguise and that has certainly been true with my health journey. I have been forced to learn so much and dig deeper than I ever would have without this challenge.

Not only has it helped me cure my problem ( both my blood work and my health shows how far I have come..and I am still working on it) but I have been able to help my family and readers. It is thrilling to learn that a friend/reader from Paris is now drinking raw milk and making her own kefir thanks to my input,  or a friend/reader in Oz has been able to help her child, or a friend/reader in USA or Asia has gotten relief from a medical issue or loved a recipe.

delicious organic real food ( but we are not eating even organic corn at the moment)

Yes, I love to be unplugged, but I can also see how the internet blesses us with connections and information like never before. I believe in self sufficiency... be it homeschooling, finances, doctoring yourself, dental care or what ever. No one is going to have your best interests in mind better than you!

Today, you actually can know more than your doctor or dentist on some subjects about your own health and must always remember that hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies all profit from disease. Cures that are cheap, easy, natural or free are not advertised on TV, like the endless pharmaceutical commercials on American TV ( that shock us when we visit).

One must learn the root causes of many chronic problems, for which "mainstream medicine" has NO answers, except to prescribe prescription drugs, which just add more toxins. In our world, it is hard to avoid toxins in our food, air and water, but there are many simple, inexpensive tools that can help us heal ourselves and prevent diseases naturally. I will be writing more about those I have found.

delicious organic real food


I think everyone should read these books on health:

Julia Schopick’s Honest Medicine, Carol Vander Stoep's Mouth Matters, Sally Pacholok and Jeffrey Stuart book Could it Be B12? An Epidemic of Misdiagnosis, Dr Sherry Rogers Detoxify or Die, Dr. Brasco M.D. and Rubin N.M.D. book "Restoring Your Digestive Health, Burt Berkson, MD, PhD books and amazing healing work, Ramiel Nagel's  cure tooth decay  and more!

Not to mention two FREE books online that are MUST READS:

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Money by the Mouthful


That is a topic that I am still exploring, and I learn so much from the brightest thinkers be they vegans, paleo, WAPF, GAPS or what ever style and I find they have a lot in common. ALL avoid processed foods and bad oils. The first video with Dr. Walsh has a good basic explanation of what to eat and what foods are best avoided...LOTS of fresh organic vegetables, no grains or sugar, grass fed meats, good fats etc.

Each person or family must tweak to what works for them.... for us raw goats milk and kefir are important additions for health as well as a ton of organic vegetables, raw eggs and bone broths every day. I've been very, very stict since December 2011 and even Mozart and hubs have had no grains, processed foods or sugar for the last 6 months.

A paleo type who is eating typical farm factory meats and a vegan eating processed foods like potato chips are both not eating health diets, so it is more about making choices that really work instead of labels. Smart paleos often eat more veggies than vegans and smart vegans make sure they find ways around their missing nutrients.

delicious organic real food

Here are important foods to avoid and how to eat healthy on a budget. It does take work to make the highest choices with food, but we find that it is absolutely worth it and feel blessed by all that we are learning in the process. I've grown very fond of delicous, real food and slow food is as satisfying as slow travel.

I hope you get a chance to listen to these videos. I don't agree with everything these experts say, ( even disagree strongly with some of their protocols so research deeply), but I think the basic premises in these videos are important for us all.

Since we are all on healing journey in one way or another, what are your favorite keys or tips or questions?

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Right on. Fast foods, sugars, and GMOs are killing Americans. I can't afford to live in America. It's hazardous to my health. And the cost of the inferior health care is insane. Everyone reacts to sulfar drugs. Just for most people it's invisible like fastfood. I always tell the doctor I'm illergic to sulfa.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Marlana! Yes, it is quite frightening when one learns just how bad the food supply is in the USA and why it has the highest cancer rate in the world...and worst health of all developed countries.

The medical costs there are also outrageous...truly sad.

The Epic Duo

This is all so true! Thanks for the great post… funny that I've been aware of all the problems with the US food supply and their "nutritional teachings and standards" and actually became a bodybuilder eating mostly paleo stuff… the interesting thing is, i didn't realize until we moved to Costa Rica last year, that even the paleo foods we were eating were still "part of the US food supply". we actually felt the difference eating locally grown fruits, veggies and meat and immediately felt healthier just by buying from the local markets. again, thanks for sharing this post!


You post so much good info. I hope yourealize what important work you're doing. I have been drinking raw milk from my own goats and jersey cow for over 10 years. We also raise our own meat. With our lives going on the road now, you have been a true Godsend, teaching me that I can continue to provide for and even improve my family's health health and nutrition as we pursue a slow travel lifestyle.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Epic Duo! I don't think the problems with food supply are only in the USA, but one deals with these issues every where and one needs to look deeply at our sources of food.

For instance, I know people who have had problems with grass fed beef from Argentina because the soil has lots of arsenic in it...thus they got arsenic poisoning from it.

I also had a dear friend who visited Argentina and ate some beef there that gave him MAD cow disease that killed him.

I don't know much about the food supply in Costa Rica...but developing countries often have problems with the food supply as well and high use of pesticides, GMO's and other agrochemical toxins that pollute the rivers, air, land etc.

The use of pesticides in Costa Rican agricultural fields has nearly doubled over the past two decades. Currently Costa Rica ranks first in world pesticide use.

I think no matter where we are living, we must be very proactive in looking deeply into what we eat and where it comes from and how it is grown.

I know that here in Malaysia ( and other places we have been to) there is a HUGE difference between food sold at the local markets and those from organic farmers...the latter tending to be far superior.

ie..we will not eat the meat or chicken here that is sold in markets, restaurants, food stands...although most do. We rarely even eat the veggies unless they are organically grown.

We also will not eat the eggs at the market.

We do eat the DQ chickens that have been tested by third party sources to be far, far superior to the typical chickens sold here in markets or grocery stores.

No matter where you are, one needs to look closely at the food as sadly most of it is poisoned/toxic today...and cumulative damage...or as one esteemed PhD recently said..."we are all eating from a toxic trough"

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Robyn for your kind words and encouragement!!

Good for you for having taken so many wise choices with your food. Raising one's own food is perhaps always the best option for knowing what one is eating.

I do think one can do slow travel and eat healthy...but it does take effort...and some matter where you do it.

We also try to live on a low that adds to the challenge.

Part of the key is always to connect with the local organic farmers and adapt one's food to what is grown locally ( so cheaper).

Remember too that you can do some growing of your own food...even when you are in an RV or rental apartment...we have.

One learns to get masterful around food no matter where you are!

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