Tween is a Talented Singer/ Songwriter

September 17, 2013

Tween is a Talented Singer/ Songwriter - singing for a large crowd in California

Adele, Pink, Katy Perry are singers/songwiters that 12 year old Mozart loves, but she too is a prolific songwriter/singer and musician who has been composing songs since she was four...and she writes them in 3 languages..Mandarin, Spanish and English! Last year she won a trophy at a 1000-kid Chinese high school singing competition and was the youngest competitor to become a finalist.


She admires how Selena Gomez sings in two languages and acts on TV  ( since Mozart was in a TV series  once with Japanese star Maako/ 運行) and enjoyed that. 

Mozart has always had a passion for composing music and the songs just come to her, but this is the first one we have put online because we are celebrating the birthday of a very dear friend and this is the gift she wanted to give - straight from her heart:


Mozart's never had any training in songwriting or singing, so it all comes from within and we are just trying to figure out how to nuture this talent ( which neither parent has) and finding a voice teacher and mentors.


As you know from our world travels these last 8 years, she has been playing violin since she was 23 months old ( including around the world with a viral Youtube video) and piano since she was three...including concerts for both and dancing in the Nutcracker at three as she especially enjoyed performance even then. That said, we are not the type to insist she slave over hours long music practice or any other kind of grueling practice in childhood.


Mozart loves and excels at advanced math, science and reading in 3 languages, but is also a very playful, creative child who loves art, making toys & things and most of all singing, songwriting, acting and public speaking. She has initiated and found most of the opportunities on her own.


I've written before about how Mozart had an uncanny musical sense and desire even as a tiny baby and started asking for opera at a year old...( shocking us)  and likely saw more operas and Shakespeare plays in toddlerhood than most people see in a lifetime.

baby Mozart standing up totally on her own initiation at 5 months old, clapping to the music
Mozart standing up totally on her own initiation at 5 months old, clapping to the music


That standing and clapping to the music as a 5 month old is how she got the nickname Mozart (from the other Moms in the class).


It might sound fun raising a gifted child while traveling the world, but the decisions are not always easy and she might have been better supported at times being in just one location for her music.


That said, there certainly have been advantages to our travel lifestyle and she is the first kid since
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, to travel the world extensively for a long time with a piano and violin and those experiences certainly enrich creativity too.

12 year old Playing piano in Beijing


The advantage of slow travel and worldschooling is it allows us to take time for things like joining choirs, doing plays, more public speaking and chances to perform in different languages, but we have also managed to find online violin and piano teachers when we are traveling the world and have a full digital piano in our RV in Europe and keep a keyboard in Asia.

Traveling is amazing for language learning, adventures and growing up trilingual,  but trickier with music...even a dream lifestyle has pros and cons and endless "workarounds" to keep you on your toes.


Right now she is loving taking an advanced high school music theory class online through Johns Hopkins University CTY with Dr. Jolie Lin ( PhD from the prestigious Peabody Conservatory in piano performance) who has given her glowing reports like:

"Your written assignments have been outstanding thus far. Your notation is always clear
and easy to read and your work was always completed with a high degree of attention
and accuracy. You also make it a point to make sure you understand concepts and take
criticism and feedback very well.

I hope you continue in music as you are very musical" - Jolie Lin

Girl playing violin in Scotland


Since we are not musicians, it is not always easy to know how best to support her talents and love of music, so like most things, we are playing it by ear. She is currently starring in a middle school play where she has a singing solo at a nearby International school ( even though she is homeschooled now) and adoring that process, the teacher and other kids involved.


I can't even imagine coming up with the lyrics or music for a song, so like most of her creative processes, I delight in being able to be a witness into her magical world. One of the joys of parenting, eh?

We've purposefully avoided the extensive child-performing things up to this point, as we wanted to give her an optimal childhood and foundation, but as she is getting older she really wants to do more. Also, singing/acting is a very early-peak kind of career, especially with females, so most top artists today start in their tweens, teens or earlier and it is funny to see on things like American Idol, 25 is considered "old".



Would you like to see more of Mozart singing/songwriting? Should we do it more professionally, like in a studio next time for better sound quality? Would you be interested in her Spanish and Chinese songs too? Are you interested in covers or just original songs? Mozart has been wanting to learn guitar, but we're not sure if that means we should drop the violin or not.


We are in talks and negotiations at the moment with TV/Film producers/directors/entertainment lawyers etc. behind the scenes, so considering many things and will keep you posted as we know more. We'd love your feedback ( and do take the time to enjoy these videos)!


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Heidi Wagoner

Oh how exciting. As long as this is a dream of hers, she will make it happen one way or another. I would love to see songs in other languages as well. She has such a wonderful personality and I think the world will love her. :-)


Let her continue to lead with this. If she wants to try more pro stuff, encourage it and help her. If not, let her play and learn. Just a personal preference, let her learn the guitar, but never drop the violin. There is a horrible dearth of fine music in our world today. My 10yos has been playing piano and composing since he was 4, and playing guitar since 5. I am musical, but he has done all this on his own. He has also tried the flute, but not so interested in that. I kick myself for not recording more of his early, amazing stuff.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks sooo much Heidi, that is a big help. Mozart has written some great songs in Spanish and Chinese, so we will work on getting them up too!

It is funny, how they tend to come up ( music and words together usually) for her in different languages.

Another words, she doesn't tend to write in 3 for the same will come up in Mandarin, another in Spanish, a different one yet in English etc.

Of course she can translate, but that is different too.

Exciting times...we will see where it all is always a fascinating journey!!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks heaps Robyn! I hear ya on wishing you recorded every early too!

I like your advice about the violin and guitar too...but she already plays the piano and violin, so I just don't know if there is the time and budget for yet another instrument.

She definitely is interested in doing more pro stuff...and there seems to be LOTS of opportunities knocking...publicists, managers, agents...oh my!

We will see where it all goes I step at a time like anything else. I wish I had more experience in music and we may have to relocate to a place with better opportunities, coaches etc at least for part of the year.

It seems singing is an early peak kind of career, especially for a girl, so I suppose it is a great thing to have more clarity about this at 12. ;)


I think whatever musical endeavors she pursues will be very fruitful. She is naturally blessed and gifted, it appears to me. You are such wonderful, supportive, involved parents and that will be a tremendous blessing to her as she pursues her dreams. I'm so looking forward to seeing her growth and development as an artist. Mozart, you are a rising star and I can't wait to see you shine!


Guitar would be a worth while instrument. The homeschool coop in Chiangmai was offering guitar lessons for free last year. Not as good as one on one, but I guess at some point she should be able to find someone she can trade off beginner lessons with, or something. I already play piano. Violin is on my list of instruments to learn. I have two cousins who play in the orchestra and another who has a masters degree in violin. So I need to learn it.


I do not have other advice than let her lead and support her in any way you can, which you already do. But I just wanted to mention that I watched the videos with my 2 kids and both of them were patient to watch and smile throughout it. At the end of the flamenco video my 3-year old daughter clapped for awhile! She also was very attentive and she told me she liked a lot the first video (star light?) and the "where in heaven in mozart?" They both asked to see again the videos in Morocco and Petra - probably because they found the camels fascinating and want to ride one themselves. I enjoyed watching all the videos myself, thanks for sharing these precious family moments.

I also want to start exposing my daughter to one instrument ( I would prefer violin), but I keep running into resistance from teachers telling me that she is too little. She may be, but why not try it first and see how she likes it? We've taken Music Together classes since she was 4 months old, just for fun, and she seems to enjoy it. So, I just want to explore whether she wants to take it further ... but it is so frustrating to find the right teacher.

Anyhow, keep up the fun and everything will fall into place as it is supposed to be.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

We so appreciate hearing that Ambar! It will be interesting to see where all of this leads, but so nice to have your encouragement and positive input!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Yes, we likely will add guitar at some point, Marlana, as it also seems like a nice one to have for a song writer.

Time is our main concern with another instrument to travel still figuring it out.

Sometimes I feel sad that Mozart has missed the opportunities of playing violin in an orchestra which she would have gotten had we stayed home...but nobody can do it all.

Juggling languages, travel etc..even for a homeschooler...I suppose especially one with sooo many interests..can be a challenge.

And does it ever you looking for ways to add the violin. Perhaps that is just part of the joys of being a life long learner...always more things to learn and conquer. ;)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

WOW...that is fabulous to get some feedback from a little kids point of view...thanks so much Violeta!

Mozart videos seem to be popular with kids, teachers and homeschoolers, but it was really lovely to hear the specifics from your sweet preschool kiddos!

We really loved Music Together classes too and started them at the same it is fun watching those songs and classes on our home videos! The photo of her clapping to the music at 5 months was in her baby MT class.

It IS hard to find the right instrument teacher...especially for a young one.

We just happened to luck out to be neighbors with an amazing violin teacher who went to Yale and had 7 kids of her own was absolutely fabulous with young children and violins.

All the kids in our country neighborhood played violin and most of the kids at the nearby award winning country elementary school...thus that is what gave Mozart the interest so early.

We even hired ten year old neighbors to play violin at Mozart's 2nd and 3rd birthday parties support the kids, music and add a little class. ;) ( Just heard from one of those kids on Twitter lately...who is doing great in college now).

Like MT clsses, Suzuki is great with young ones ( esp with an inspired teacher) because parents and child do it and learn together....mother tongue style.

I think the music lessons has also helped Mozart's languages ...because she has an amazing ear that was trained early in fun ways and perfect pitch.

Finding the right teacher is critical...especially for a young child, but really always. Look for Suzuki teachers as they are use to starting violin at 3...and since Mozart was ready, she was able to start earlier ( she had the finger dexterity, interest and attention span)....and even at 23 months a great love of performing! LOL

Hope that helps and thanks so much for the kind words and helpful feedback!!

Margaret Sch.

My daughter (having started violin at age 4) didn't start playing in an orchestra til about age 13 or 14, I think it was, and went on to major in violin, enjoying playing in a citywide youth symphony as well as in a college orchestra, with a good scholarship attached to that experience! Not too late or out of the question for Mozart! (Maybe in France there will be some ensemble she can be in?) As for the other ideas, I feel confident that the right opportunities will work themselves out in due season and, as others mentioned, through listening to her own dreams and preferences. Working on two instruments is certainly doable though a significant investment of time and treasure. Well, whatever she does, Mozart already has a large audience via Facebook and You Tube to get started with. I look forward to the whole story as it unfolds in due season!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Oh, that is encouraging I was afraid perhaps she already missed the boat on being in a youth orchestra...but perhaps there will be a chance for something down the line.

We'll definitely be looking at musical opportunities in France and elsewhere.

Lovely, to hear about your daughter's experience!

Yes, it is true, that Mozart is lucky to already have a "platform". Ha! Who knew when we began this trip that our blog would turn into what it has...most of the social media things were not even in existence when we began.

Thanks for the support...we will keep you posted when we know more...exciting things seem to be brewing...but who knows when it comes to show biz...or life. It certainly has all been eye opening and has helped us clarify too....even making this blog post.

As I mentioned on FB, but also want to share here -

Interestingly, I think this latest NatGeo vid shows
Mozart a great example on how to mix her science, math, song writing, singing, inspiration and helping people together!

Makes me think the possibilities are endless!

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