Italy Travel for Music Lovers

October 07, 2013

Italy travel for music lovers- Stradivari museum

Is Italy an ideal family vacation for music lovers? We think so, and as we mentioned on our world's most traveled kid post, we go out of our way to find exciting educational opportunities and museums as we travel the world. The best places in Europe are sometimes musical appreciation and world school learning places.


One such place was the Stradivarius Museum in Cremona, Italy. For a kid who has been playing violin since she was 23 months old and playing violin around the world since she was 5, this violin museum was a must-see for our music-loving, arty family.


She is now a talented tween singer/songwriter/ musician preparing for a concert in November where she will do solo violin, piano and song performances. ( Yes, we have been traveling the world with a violin and piano for 8 years now to support her love of easy feat, but worth it).


This small, elegant town on the banks of the Po river was a music-making capital from the mid-16th century to through the late 1700's as well as the birthplace of the amazing Antonio Stradivari. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site...perfect for violin and string instrument lovers! So we made a special stop with our campervan.

What makes a Stradivari so special?

"If you compare it to an old Italian painting, the Strad is an incredible historical artefact that needs to be preserved. It's a work of art." Ariane Todes


Many say, Cremona was also the birthplace of  the modern violin itself and the renowned Cremonese violin craftsman that made and continue to make the most beautiful-sounding string intruments like violins, violas and cellos in the traditional way passed down for generations.


When we were in our beloved Florence once and saw the incomparable Stradivari collection aquired by the Medici court at the  Accademia Gallery ( Museo degli Strumenti Musicali), we knew we had to spend some time in Cremona and see this museum, as we wanted more.

"We have focused on and put a lot of effort into trying to describe the history behind it – not only the object, but how the violin came to life in the 16th century, how it developed through the decades and centuries, and what is behind that. If you are able to see the violins being made, you can see the master violin-maker at work … you can understand more when you see the masterpiece. So in this way the museum is absolutely unique." Paolo Bodini ( Museum Director)

We were really happy we didn't miss this rare gem. Have you seen it or is it on your list?

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Alex | Partial Parallax

Sounds like an awesome trip, I would of expected Italy is of course a great place for music lovers. Cremona sounds a very interesting place and no doubt was quite the experience

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Alex! There certainly are lots of ways to enjoy music in Italy ( ohhh and the food too!)...but this was a particular delight for us.


Such a precious site that you are able to travel even if you have your own kid! We will be in Italy soon and this entry got me really excited!

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