Seeing The Little Mermaid Broadway Musical

March 10, 2014

Seeing The Little Mermaid Broadway Musical

We always jump at the chance to see a theater production whether it is Le Miz in London, Shakespeare at the Globe, a classic in Times Square or a show in any language like the Peking Opera. We think it is an important homeschool/worldschool educatonal opportunity for all kids, but especially a talented singer/musician like Mozart.

Little Mermaid with Soultravelers3 and friends

We also love to meet our Soultravelers3 Blog readers when ever we can, so when one of our sweet readers offered to give us comp tickets to see The Little Mermaid at the Music Hall in Dallas and pick us up at our lovely abode at Hawthorn Suites in Addison, how could we say no?

Seeing The Little Mermaid Broadway Musical backstage

She was bright and interesting and her 5 year old son was adorable,so we had a fantastic time. Her cousin has been a professional cellist for about 20 years at the Dallas Symphany and gave us an exciting personal tour of back stage and the orchestra pit.

Mozart and new friend at Seeing The Little Mermaid Musical

For some reason little kids adore Mozart like a big sister and she adores them, so that made if fun for both kids.

Mozart and mom theater lovers on a night out

The show was nicely done and we adults got to talk about long-term travel at the intermission. Having gotten to peek at the props back stage, it was a super cool treat to recognize them in use as the play progressed.

I have done lots of acting "back in the day' in film, stage and TV, plus the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so Mozart has already done film TV , stage acting, singing showcases, contests and loves theater, public speaking and music.

Seeing Mozart at The Little Mermaid Broadway Musical

DaVinci also enjoys this area, so a great time was had by all and we are pleased to make new friends.

We actually don't go out that much at night, so it was quite a thrilling night for us, exploring theater in Dallas!

Do you enjoy going to the theater too?

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Awesome! We love live performance, as well as performing. One disappointment about our "home base" town is it's focus on sports to the neglect of other enrichment activities in the school.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Great to hear that you love performance and performing too Robyn!

Too bad your base doesn't think as smartly as you. Perhaps you will influence them! ;)

There seems to be a lot of opportunity for music and performance here in Dallas area.

I was amazed to recently discover there are about 10 youth orchestras in the area...something we have been wanting Mozart to do.

I don't know what "normal" level is, but that seemed high to me. ;)

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