Gratitude and Remembrance on Memorial Day

May 25, 2014

 gratitude and remembrance on Memorial Day - My dad in uniform

I am an extreme pacifist, very much against war and violence, so for me, most of my life, Memorial Day has been one of mainly celebrating the beginning of summer.

As it happens my brother ( who died young) had the same birthday as my husband and both often fall on Memorial Day weekend- so that always added to our holiday celebrations.

Gratitude and Remembrance on Memorial Day - my step dad

But this Memorial Day, I am thinking about my father, my step father and my father-in-law, all veterans and all fairly recently deceased ( while we traveled the world).

 Honoring and Gratitude on Memorial Day - DaVinci's Dad

Two fought in World War II, one barely 18 who lied about his color blindedness to get in and the other even younger who lied about his age to get in and saw some of the worst action in the Pacific. The third wasn't old enough to join during the war and was disappointed about that.

God bless these men and God Bless all the brave men and women who have served their country and those that died in battle. God Bless all the innocent civilians too who have died in wars. Bless the pain of the past and let's walk into a peaceful future. Who are you remembering today?

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