Mozart Cooks with Steven Liu in Shanghai - MasterChef China 顶级厨师

June 19, 2014

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu and Mozart

Would you like to cook with a  Master Chef just like on the TV show? Mozart was blessed with this amazing opportunity when we stayed at the luxurious Fairmont Peace Hotel.

This was a delightful surprise when we arrived in Shanghai via the fast train from Beijing.

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu with travel kid Mozart

Executive Chef Steven Liu worked with Gordan Ramsay at the Savoy in London ( the only Asian in a kitchen with dozens of chefs), as well as many other celebrated establishments around the world in 20 countries and is now the Culinary Ambassador for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu

A Taiwan native, he is the youngest executive chef in China with a repution on the show as the "tough judge" but totally charming in person with an unwavering passion for great food and meticulous attention to detail. For a kid who loves to cook like Mozart, great chefs are revered as rock stars!

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu with travel teen Mozart

Having been trained in Western culinary arts, Chef Steven grew up with Chinese cuisine since his parents are both adept cooks and he joined them in the kitchen early. He did a marvelous demonstration of his renown cooking style with his signature dishes that combine the best of East and West.

food as art

It was entertaining, luxurious, informative and one of the most scrumptious  meals we had in China.

Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai

Not to mention the gorgeous surroundings in this legendary hotel

Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai

In an exquisite room often used for weddings.


Upon arrival, one look at what was in store for her made Mozart giddy with excitement.

beautiful food

We were tantalized by the colorful fresh ingredients

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu

and the artistry with aplomb that Chef Steven put into every creation.

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu with travel teen Mozart

Yum! Savoring the tastes made the lessons extra fun

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 deliscious food

and seeing deliscious food as a work of art.

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu with travel teen Mozart

It's very rewarding to learn the secrets of a master in an intimate class. Since Mozart is fluent in Mandarin, she understood whether he was speaking in Chinese or English.


After the private lesson it was time to sit down for the formal dinner.


I ordered the beef which was grass-fed from Mongolia and perhaps the best I had in my life.


It was fascinating to see the other chefs arrive


The first course was a sumblime soup.

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu cooking with travel teen Mozart

Then Mozart, requested by Chef Steven, donned her gloves like the chefs to help out

China chefs and 12 year old Mozart preparing food

and the fun begins as she is in charge of decorating this course correctly

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu teaching travel teen Mozart

and quckly before the dish is served to the guests.

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu with travel teen Mozart

Mozart's "boss" the Master Chef, makes her giggle.

beautiful food



Nom, nom, nom! Heaven for the tastebuds and a most memorable meal


and evening that we will never forget.

MasterChef China 顶级厨师 Steven Liu with travel teen Mozart

Thanks so much Master Chef Steven and Fairmont!

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Sounds amazing! And how fantastic for Mozart to be able to understand every word, even those spoken in Mandarin!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Sheralyn, it really was a magical and unexpected delight on so many levels.

Mozart's Mandarin was sooo helpful in soo many ways in China.

That and Spanish are assets so worth the efforts put into them. I wish my parents had given me languages in childhood. ;)

Happy travels to all of you!

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