Best Hotel for 4th of July Fireworks! Kaboom!

July 05, 2014

Mozart enjoying 4th of July Fireworks! Kaboom!

Pssst,do you want to know a secret? Addison Texas is rated as one of the top places in the USA to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July and we had the best view in town from our room at the Hawthorn Suites Hotel.


Since we've been traveing the world for over 8 years straight, we haven't been in America on July 4th in almost 9 years, so what a delightful surprise to be in this gem on this day.


We've seen fireworks all over the world like Spain, Australia, France, China, Malaysia and more, but never saw a display like this.

travel teen Mozart singing with guitar

It was fun for our all-American girl, Mozart, to get decked out in her red, white and blue and enjoy this holiday in her home country. She sang some songs, ate some BBQ and headed for the pool.

Travel teen and singer Mozart sunning by the pool in new bikini

It was a perfect summer day and we were in the perfect spot.

pool at Hawthorn Suites Addison, tx

The water was just the right temperature.....

travel teen singer Mozart at the pool

and she even met some new friends!

Mozart swimming with friends

There were lots of activies for kids like carnival rides and face painting, but we are comfy in our long stay hotel, so mostly hung out at "home" as a family.

travel teen and singer Mozart is an all-American  girl

Many people drove a long way or came by bus to see the fireworks ....

bus loads coming to Addison, tx for 4th of July

and as we watched the sun go down from our room, we began to realize we were in the ideal spot.

sunset from our room

I enjoy our room as we have a lovely view of the Addison airport and watching the little planes and jets take off and land, so resonates with our travel life, thus I often watch them as I write this blog and they make me smile.

amzing planes on fire amongst fireworks

Wow! This was no ordinary day, the airport was the center for all the fireworks and it started with a spectacular airshow that set the sky a blaze with pyrotechnic and areobatic affects with planes!

We got some amazing video we will have to get up as it's hard to believe without seeing it.

Mozart enjoying the fireworks from our room!

Many were enjoying it pool side at Hawthorn Suites, the ideal hotel to catch this view, but we just stayed in our comfortable, air conditioned room and had close up, world class seats to the air show and fireworks!

beautiful fireworks

It's been a very intense first half of 2014 for us....

beautiful fireworks

as we shifted gears quickly to follow new teen Mozart's passion for singing, which led us to Dallas.

beautiful fireworks

Some how this explosive and exciting show...


celebrating the 238th birthday of this great nation, from this most perfect vantage point...


and then taking time to cuddle and watch a movie in bed, was a great reminder that we are ALWAYS in the perfect place.

I hope your 4th of July weekend rocks and brings great blessings to you and yours! ( Whether you are the USA celebrating or elsewhere).

Isn't life grand?

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Margaret Sch

Wow, I'm going to bet you hadn't even thought that far ahead when you were busy locating the right place to be in the Dallas area . . what an amazing welcome-back-home for the 4th of July for Mozart and parents! So glad it was an ideal place and summer day!

Melissa Read

Fantastic pictures, as usual, hope one of these years you get to try a small town 4th, more personal parades (Ouray, Colorado this year), but can still be spectacular fireworks (Silverton, Colorado) Wonderful to have the travel experiences to compare!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Margaret! We didn't think about that nor even knew about this place or the KaBoom town celebrations.

Just one of those lucky things and I just wanted others to know.

It was the perfect way to celebrate this holiday after missing it for many years. ;)

Hope you and yours are having a great weekend too!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Melissa, happy you like the photos. I always have a hard time capturing fireworks with my little point and shoot, but got some good ones this time and hubs got amazing video.

We use to always do small town July 4th when we lived in Santa Cruz mountains. LOVED it! Boulder Creek had a great little parade and we liked the old fashion style steam train, old west costumes and frog jumps etc at Roaring Camp in Felton if you are ever in that area.

Bet you are having a ball too!

Addison is not a big town either ( though not a miniscule small mountain town like we use to go to) so we were surprised by how spectacular the fireworks were.

The planes were AMAZING and we have never seen that done with fireworks before.

I actually expected to be in Europe now, so it's kind of funny we are here and this was out our window! ;)

Myriam @OffToWanderland

I wish to see those fireworks too :)

I have tried to see NYC 4th July fireworks during my load road trip but it was way too crowded and we didn't have a good spot sadly.

Maybe next time I will aim for that place during my round the world trip.

Cheers from a global-trotter French friend :)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

You will love them Myriam! I can honestly say the view from our room of the fireworks was one of the best we have ever seen.

I have seen them in NYC as I use to live there and they are grand, but one usually sees them with a BIG crowd.

This is a lovely spot to be in the USA for the 4th!

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