NYC Broadway Best Secret? Winning Wicked Lottery Tickets -Cheap!

September 29, 2014

IMG_0162NYC Broadway Best Secret? Winning Wicked Lottery Tickets-Cheap!

Did you know it is easy to get cheap tickets to the blockbuster musical Wicked? When the best seats run 300 dollars a piece there and the average Broadway ticket now costs over 100 dollars, a family on a budget who loves theater NEEDS this secret tip!

Teen singer Mozart taking NYC by storm

Since we were in NYC for Fashion Week with Mozart as the youngest reporter, we didn't have too much spare time.

Still, Mozart was dreaming about seeing Wicked since she loves some of the songs like Defying Gravity and every time we go to New York or London, we see at least one show.

How to win the ticket lottery at Wicked in NYC

Luckily, I use to live in New York City for over a decade and still have a few connections to all good things in this city.

Mozart at New York Fashion Week taking in Wicked

My connection to all things theater, is reknown director and acting coach, Mary Lee Kellerman, who has been a dear friend for over 35 years.

Teen singer Mozart and acting coach Mary Lee Kellerman

While we were having a long lunch with another old friend in another part of the city, MaryLee understood our tight time framework and worked out all the details for Wicked for us.

Winning tickets to Wicked in NYC

So we just had to show up at the Theater between 5 and 6 to be eligible for the lottery.

Mozart wins a Wicked lottery ticket

Mozart was thrilled...

Mozart in the crowd at Wicked waiting

..but the crowd and line was long. Still we thought we had a chance since there were four of us and each person can win two tickets.

Happy Wicked lottery winners

The crowd was quite jovial at the prospect of maybe winning this lottery and one fellow even asked if he could take a photo for us since he saw we were celebrating.

After a wait that seemed forever( 60 minutes),the time to announce the winners finally arrived.

I am stunned!

I literally gasped and wailed aloud in shock when my name was called FIRST! I could NOT believe it, but there I am standing where he told me, the very first in line to get the lottery tickets.

cash money and Id needed at wicked lottery

It is an intense, quick, well organized scenario, once all the winners names are announced. You have to have your money in cash and I.D. ready or you forfeit. Only 30 dollars a piece!

I won the Wicked lottery

Then he gave me this button and we bought two tickets and had time to roam the city. We could have bought two more, but they were very expensive, so I gave mine to Mozart and her dad and chose to spend the time catching up with my old friend.

It is a bit sad for all those who don't win, but definitely worth the try. Nothing to lose but an hour of waiting.

Fashion Queen Mozart enjoying NYC during fashion week

Manhattan is such a fabulous city to walk in, even at night and it was still packed with people and safe at Midnight when we left. As a model and actress when I lived in NYC, this area is where I often had bookings, auditions and jobs, so I know it well. We walked from 9th to 5th Avenue and back.

Back in the day, this wild child would grab a bus while skating the streets of NYC for the thrill ride or ride my bike at 2;00 am after staying out late discussing acting, philosophy and who knows what.

Times Square NYC

This city never really changes it seems, so when I return it feels like I never left. Mary Lee and I had dinner at Joe Allan's, a theater restaurant that has been around forever.

Joe Allans

It use to be one of our hang outs in our younger days, so the perfect spot to reminisce and catch up.

Singer Mozart is spotted at Joe Allens

They joined us after the show and were glowing, as we were from out time together.

Mozart in NYC at night - feels right at home

Then we hugged and said goodbye and went off into the night much enriched by time with dear friends, the massive, uplifting creativity of Wicked, the excitement of Fashion Week and the thrilling lights and energy of the Big Apple.

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Margaret Sch

I have only been to NYC twice (each time for about 5 days; second time stayed in Brooklyn, too!) and both times I felt from the minute I arrived that I "belonged" there. Of course, I belong other places but I had to wonder if the feeling was because so MANY Americans have close ties of some kind to NYC? Or because various of my ancestors visited or lived there? OR arrived there to Ellis Island or on their Navy ships after wars were over? Or because NYC is publicized so much nationwide? Anyway it's wonderful that Mozart obviously will have that feeling about New York from now on! She has so many places to feel at home and how great to associate NYC with all these fantastic memories!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Interesting thoughts Margaret, thanks for sharing! <3

I never really thought about it before, but I actually hated living in NYC when I first arrived. I had always wanted to live their ..reading books about it as a teen, but it was a real cultural shock at first.

Big city life is not easy and most of the year NYC has pretty lousy weather. We heard a LOT of yelling and swearing on the streets...people get stressed in this big city.

BUT soon NYC and New Yorkers won me over and it is definitely one of my homes now after living there over a decade.

Mozart and DaVinci loved it from the moment we first went there in 2009. Mozart took to it like a duck to water and has long said she will move there when she is an adult. She is even interested in Columbia because it is in NYC!

Also, my mom, sister, brothers etc always loved visiting has a great energy for tourists!

It is a great place to visit, but I think a harsher place to live...better for the young and ambitious!

I wouldn't want to raise a family in NYC, but I LOVE taking a kid there.

We may even use NYC as our next base..or LA, not sure at this point. ;)

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