Hot Air Balloon Festival!

October 05, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Festival!

Thousands of happy faces watched as the colorful hot air balloons took to the skies, delighting the crowd with a kaleidoscope of shapes and sizes, (including Mozart & the Soultravelers3 gang).

Hot Air Balloon Festival!

Up, up and away, bringing a glow at sunset and into the night at the Plano Balloon Festival which happens to be very close to where we are based at the moment.
singer Mozart at Hot Air Balloon Festival!

Mozart wouldn't miss it for the world as she had a few friends from her Singing Master Class who were performing there.
Hot Air Balloon Festival!

Plano was recently awarded as the Balloon capital of Texas and the place was packed.

Hot Air Balloon Festival!

We've been lucky enough to see hot air balloons all around the world from Cappadocia, Turkey to the castles of France, but .....
Hot Air Balloon Festival!

...this was extra special since we knew many people involved with it.

Have you been to a Balloon Festival or on a hot air balloon?

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I went on my first hot air balloon ride a few months ago and thought it was awesome. I can't wait to check out one of these festivals... that one in Turkey looks sweet too!

jeanne @soultravelers3

That sounds awesome Dane! We almost did it in Wadi Rum Jordan and Cappadocia, but for various reasons haven't done it yet ( mostly because Mozart was too small to be allowed).

Turkey is a fab place to do it!!

Turkey Tours

Looks like a festival which is celebrated in air ballooning is surely a exciting experience and you are right hot air ballooning in Cappadocia is truelly a treat to enjoy..

Joe Hupp

There's a brilliant hot air balloon festival in Canowindra, NSW, Australia every year - it's about as big as Plano's festival, if not bigger!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks TT! I bet ballooning in Cappadocia is a wonder and we almost made it, but kiddo was too small. ;) Maybe next time!!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Joe!! So happy to know about the balloon festival in Canowindra, NSW, Australia!!

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