France -The 5 Must-See Attractions

December 14, 2014

France - 5 Must-See Attractions

What are the 5 Must-See attractions in France? As I said in my Best European Vacation post, the number one travel destination in Europe is France, so narrowing it down to just five attractions won't be easy.

There are endless treasures in Paris as well as the north, south, east and west part of France, but if I could only pick five, this is what I would pick.

6a00e5502a950788330133f48d053d970b-500wiFrance -The 5 Must-See Attractions - the Louvre

1) The Louvre

So many wonders in and around Paris from the Eiffel Tower to Arc de triumph, Notre Dame to Sacre Coeur & Montmartre, but if I must just pick one Paris site, it has to be the Louvre! So many times we have been there, so much still to see or see again.

6a00e5502a950788330133f48d053d970b-500wiFrance -The 5 Must-See Attractions - Puy du Fou

2) Puy du Fou

Few tourists outside of France get to see this amazing gem, but it should be on everyone's list!

Biking Bordeux France in old fashion bike

3) Biking in Bordeaux & St Emilion

Biking any and all of the vineyards of France are a treat, but this campsite outside of St. Emilion in Bordeaux was simply amazing.

Travel kid Mozart exploring Provence

4)  Provence

We absolutely adore the south of France and no matter how many times we explore Provence, we always find new things to love about it. Can't wait to go back as we miss Spain, France & Italy the most.

France wine country at harvest =Alsace

5) Alsace & Colmar at wine harvest

The perfect time to visit Colmar and the Alsace region of France, is in the fall at wine harvest time for it is as charming & awe-inspiring as a painting as this photo shows so clearly.

Okay, France lovers, if you only had 5 to pick, what would it be?

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This is perfect, thanks so much!! I'm planning a trip to France and I never heard of Puy du Fou and it sounds amazing! Love all the photos!!


Thanks JEANNE D'ARC, MS. MOZART and DA VINCI for a great blog and must see attractions in France.


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