7 Best Places to Travel in 2015

January 05, 2015

Best Places to Travel in 2015 - view from the airplane

What are the hottest new vacation destinations or must-see, go-now places for 2015? As world-travelers, we guarantee these 7 best places will send you packing!


Looking to escape the winter cold? We've seen some gorgeous beaches in our travels, but if you are looking for the best beach in the world, I think it has to be a private moto in Bora Bora, Tahiti.

Best Places to Travel in 2015 - Bora Bora


When it comes to mountains, nothing is more majestic and magical than the Himalayas, so i'd have to recommend a hike to the top of the Tiger's Nest in Paro, Bhutan, the diamond in the mystical jewel that is Bhutan, the last Shangra-La.

Best Places to Travel in 2015 - Bhutan


There is not a more exotic city on the planet, than the medina in Fez, Morocco. Our favorite city in this most magical country. It is like time travel back to the middle ages and like no other place on earth. Stay in a beautiful, luxury riad like Dar Seffarine.

FEZ, MOROCCO - Best Places to Travel in 2015


One look at the mind-blowing Shanghai Skyline in China's ultimate east-meets-west city and one understands instantly why this city impresses with more history, glamour, and luxury than any I know.

Best Places to Travel in 2015 - Shanghai


Petra is THE breathtaking iconic site in Jordan and more than lives up to it's mystical and magical reputation. Jordan is an amazing diverse country full of delights, history & fabulous food, but Petra was my personal favorite.

PETRA , jordan - Best Places to Travel in 2015


Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world when the sun is shining. You can have all the joys of a world-class city and gorgeous beaches as well. Try the didgeridoo while there!

Best Places to Travel in 2015 - Sydney


If you want to indulge in all the wonders of Europe, head to Provence in southern France and you will fall in love with it as we have. From wild horses, romance, Roman ruins, castles & more, each unique village will steal your heart.

Best Places to Travel in 2015 - Provence

Where are you planning to go this year? Who is ready to start packing?

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Melissa Read

Alaska! 1 week cruise in late June, preceded & followed by a summer long RV exploration- looking forward to it!

jeanne @soultravelers

Sounds wonderful Melissa!!

Pat Larkin

I love that your list comes directly from your experiences as that gives me more faith in them!

I'm still deciding where we will go this year, but you gave me some great ideas!

Love your blog!

Luke Mitchell

This is probably highly biased, but if you have never been to Cape Town, South Africa - I can assure you that this one destination can secure the top spot in many of your categories including best beach, best mountain, seaside charm, european indulgence, AND best natural wonder. The island of Mauritius rivals Bora Bora easily, is much cheaper per dollar spent and an absolute gem of a place in terms of friendliness and experience. Cape Town's Table Mountain was recently named one of the new wonders of the world, and it sits in the middle of the city, seemingly completely out of place and a surreal sight. A cableway takes you to the top of the mountain where you're free to explore the entire thing free of a guide. Because settlers came from Europe to the area from ages past, there's a huge European influence, bringing luxury and that Euro feel to a great many places there. Best seaside has to be Hout Bay, where you can eat at places that have fresh catches from that morning for a fraction of the price you could spend elsewhere. There's seals that sit on the dockside completely unafraid of people, and a serene feeling of being on a secluded beach among the fishing village. (Just thought it bore mentioning, it's one of Africa's best kept secrets still I think)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Pat! So many wonderful places to visit, but I thought these...all wonderful are not on typical vacation lists and should be!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Luke! I'd love to go to Cape town and have heard wonderful things about South Africa so it is on our list. Alas I have also heard much about the violence there and know MANY South Africans who love their country but left because of the violence as they did not feel safe there. Sadly High violent crime and murder rates have earned South Africa a reputation as a dangerous destination, so I think that is what keeps people away. We will go at some point!

Rebekah Voss

What an awesome list. All of these are definitely on my travel bucket list. I especially want to travel to Jordan. Great Stuff, Jeanne!

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