Road Trip Across America

July 27, 2015


Road Trip Across America

Who doesn't dream about an exciting road trip across the USA? America is full of magical places and family travel by car means skipping high air fares and having time to bond, creating awesome travel memories. Summer vacations and road trips go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

Road Trip at sunset

For many years we did road trips in Europe that we loved, so will do more, and Mozart is one of the most well-traveled kids in the world, but lately we've been focused on her music and showing her more of USA travel. Her teen years and talents are leading us in new directions and it is time for her to know her home country better. 

Road Trip Across America with singer Mozart

 Road trips are the best way to see this vast country, so we've now driven from California to the Eastern seashore, thus Mozart can be proud that she has seen her own country from sea to shining sea!

Road Trip Across America and the american flag

We've done plane trips to Hawaii, Colorado, New York, Florida and more, but we love the intimacy and adventure of road trips

Road Trip Across USA

We did an amazing winter road trip first with stops in California, Nevada, the Grand Canyon. Santa Fe,  Dallas and more. I even wrote about how to stay healthy while traveling on a road trip, paleo style and driving on historic Route 66!

Road Trip Across USA on Route 66

Mozart recently won a High Honors Award from Johns Hopkins University Gifted Program for scoring higher at 13 years old than 97% of high school seniors who take the SAT test and is in the highest group within their CTY gifted program ( higher than 2/3 in the program). Wow! Couldn't miss that High Honors Award Ceremony!

Traveler and singer Mozart gets High Honors award from Johns Hopkins University CTY

Thus that gave us another opportunity for a long road trip to pick up her award and attend the ceremony at the University of Richmond. We drove from Dallas across Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia. 

Road Trip Across USA at sunset

Road Trip Across USA - singer Mozart in Nashville with her Martin guitar

Highlights that I will write more about were stopping at Graceland, Asheville, and Nashville as well as crossing the vast Mississippi River and visiting the Great Smoky Mountains. 

Singer Mozart in Memphis at Graceland cafe on Road Trip Across USA

  Road Trip Across America - USA road trip with Soultravelers3

Mozart even did some world-wide  "live" concerts as we drove via YouNow on her iPhone!

Singer Mozart doing live concert on a road trip

Do you like road trips? What do like about them and what have been your favorite ones? 

Road Trip Across the USA

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That is awesome! Was wondering what you guys were up to. Now to catch up on a few of your other posts.


Hello! I love to read about your family's adventures. I just found your blog a few months ago and have been relishing each and every word. Bravo to Mozart on her achievements! And bravo to you, mom and dad for giving her such an amazing foundation of love, family, and unrivaled education!

Regarding travel, I miss road trips with my kids. We would pack them all into our minivan or my Buick and cross the states to see grandparents or aunts, uncles, and cousins. We would stop for burgers but I always packed snacks and drinks to take with us. Whole wheat, oat and banana muffins were standard sweets on almost every trek. We would stay with relatives in their homes or camp out on their lawns in our family size tent.

Keep posting!! And enjoy your travels this summer!

jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Rpbyn!!Yes, it has been a really crazy past year and few months since we returned from Asia.

We're going to base in LA starting in September and Mozart is working on her first album & will be starting college!

jeanne @soultravelers3

Welcome to our blog Teresa!! I am so happy you found us!!

Aww, loved hearing about your road trips!!


Have a blast! I recently did a drive from Boston to Miami and it was LONG. But I knocked a few new places off my list, like Atlantic City and Savannah. I might have never checked those places out before. It was so nice to have the time to do something like that.


I’ve been following you guys and Mozart’s music for years now.. I would just like to say how inspiring you guys are as a family. My family and I are also travellers, and we understand the difficulties of being on the road with littles (myself included in that as my brothers and I have travelled all over with our folks). More recently, I have convinced my family to move across the world to the UK so I can pursue my music dream.

Would love to catch up with you and Mozart sometime, maybe make some music, catch up. My adventure has us in UK at the moment, but hopefully we’ll be back over the states soon.

Until then, keep shining!! And I love your blog 😉


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