Going to Graceland - Mini Memphis Tour on a Budget

March 26, 2017

Going to Graceland - Mini Memphis Tour on a Budget

Have you been to Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee? Having a child like Mozart who is a musician who plays 5 instruments, we couldn't resist adding this destination to our road trip across America. She had just won her High Honors Award from Johns Hopkins University CTY and we could easily add Memphis to our itinerary, so dared not miss it. 

Going to Graceland - Mini Memphis Tour on a Budget

 Who doesn't love Elvis? Here is our photo essay of our Graceland excursion to visit the King. 

Memphis, Tennessee

 Memphis is known for many things like BBQ and is the home of Gospel and R&B music as well as the  National Civil Rights Museum, but it's most famous tourist attraction is Graceland. So on our short visit, we made a bee line down Elvis Presley Blvd.,to his palatial mansion, a common pilgrimage for musicians and people who loved him and that historic time in America.  

Going to Graceland - Mini Memphis Tour on a Budget

We listened and sang along to Elvis songs on the way and this song too by Paul Simon:

"The Mississippi Delta was shining
Like a National guitar
I am following the river
Down the highway
Through the cradle of the civil war

I'm going to Graceland
In Memphis Tennessee
I'm going to Graceland
Poorboys and Pilgrims with families
And we are going to Graceland"

  Going to Graceland - Mini Memphis Tour on a Budget

 There are lots of fancy Graceland tours available , but we just did a fast self tour since we were on the move and didn't have much time. 

Mozart Dee at  Graceland -Elvis's home -  Memphis

 Of course, Mozart had to bring her guitar named "Destiny" and bask in the energy. .............

Graceland guitar and Elvis memorabilia

.......and check out all the memorabilia like fancy guitars and we peeked at his private planes. 

  Gladys' Diner  at Graceland in Memphis

 We really loved the little cafe...

  Mozart Dee at Graceland - Glady's Diner

...with a bunch of great photos of Elvis and furnished in that era, so of course, our teen Mozart had to take a selfie! 

Going to Graceland - Memphis Tour - dining

I especially liked the nature areas that brought a peaceful feeling and some shade. 

Going to Graceland - nature

There was a sweet bridge over a river as Graceland sits on 14 acres and we felt like we had the place pretty much to ourselves. 

Mozart at  Graceland

We loved Glady's Diner with it's original Wurlitzer Juke box .........

Mozart at Graceland with original Wurlitzer  jukebox

.........and 50's decorations that helped the whole Elvis spirit come alive. 

  Mozart at Graceland at Glady's Diner named after Elvis's mother

Even if you have a short stay, do make it to Graceland if it is ever on your path. Have you been? We're glad we saw it and skipped the summer crowds!



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What a fun trip! I've not yet been to Graceland, but hope to visit Elvis's home someday when I'm traveling down south.

And isn't it wonderful not to battle crowds? I'm currently sitting in a nice, practically empty hotel/lodge at the muddy end of ski season. I don't ski, but I love the huge empty hot tub here just for me and my husband to enjoy. Like you, I love off-season travel!

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