Visiting the Best Lavender Fields in Provence

July 27, 2017

Visiting the Best Lavender Fields in Provence

You don't want to miss these gorgeous, magical, fragrant, purple Lavender fields when you travel to Provence...a must on your bucket list. You already know we love this spectacular area of Southern France as we have been coming to Provence for many years, but this was the first year back to the Luberon area since 2006 as there is so much to see in this beautiful region. 

Visiting the Best Lavender Fields in Provence

At 16, Mozart was a great age to enjoy this summer travel in a deeper way, adding layers of experience from her times before in Provence at different ages, yet seeing it all anew from her more mature teen perspective. This was a perfect location for a mother-daughter trip and a big plus that Mozart also got to perform concerts in this quintessential, charming French area. 

exploring lavender fields in provence

These famed lavender fields tantalize your senses and for only one month out of the year this spectacular blue- violet and green show spreads through the hillsides and valleys of Provence with the calming, healing aroma of lavender, the brilliant sunshine, buzzing bees and soothing sound of the cicadas. 

beautiful girl in the lavender fields of Provence

After Newcastle, Edinburgh, London and Paris, our trip to Provence was perfectly timed to catch this harvest. The peak time for full bloom is mid July, but it varies each year and depends on location. Due to weather, it was early this year in the fields around Gordes, Apt and Roussillon, so a sweet bonus for us. 

Visiting the Best Lavender Fields in Provence

It's hard to explain how exciting it is to be out in the lavender fields in the Luberon. This is such an inspirational region because of the beauty, architecture, art, wine, cuisine,lifestyle and summer is the best season to  experience  all of that in full bloom and color. 

where to go visit lavender fields in Provence


 I always love to add learning to a trip, so I was so happy that our wonderful guide Corinne took us to the Les Agnels Distillerie de Lavande near Apt. One can enjoy a guided tour year round and it's a great place to learn about the history of lavender, how it is made and lots of products available as well.

Actress and singer Mozart Dee in lavender field in Provence

We were happy to miss the crowds because we were there before high season, so we had the fields to ourselves pretty much. 

Visiting the Best Lavender Fields in Provence

It was also very quiet when we were learning all about lavender, so we didn't feel rushed...

learning about lavender in Provence


....but could take our time and enjoy every moment 

Lavender gifts in Provence

 Of course, my teen enjoyed the shopping and browsing as much as she enjoyed the 

lavender field, olive tree and beautiful girl

 time outdoors in the fields. 

Visiting the Best Lavender Fields in Provence

 Since our guide has lived in this area her whole life, it was very enlightening to hear the stories of the artisan lavender growers

Visiting the Best Lavender Fields in Provence

 and how that impacts life today and the whole history of it. 

Lavender and olive tree in Provence

 I love the combo of olive trees and lavender that one sees in this area a lot. Mozart grew up with olive trees and lavender ( and pinot noir vineyard) as they lined our long driveway on the home we sold in California to take our world tour, so this kind of ambiance resonates with us and perhaps why we love Provence, Tuscany, Spain and Med aesthetics. I love the light,  the sun, the food, the colors and the earthiness of it all. 

Mozart at 4 in Lavender at our home in California

 There is something calming and nurturing about this kind of environment that speaks to me. 

lavender gifts from Provence

Even the gifts make me smile to be able to take a little of it home with us. 

lavender field and pretty blonde girl

I am grateful Mozart and I have another unique experience here to add to our memory banks.

olive trees and lavender fields in luberon Provence

There is just something very special about experiencing a beautiful place together and the people we met are part of us now as well, knowing some day we will see them and this place again and it will be like no time has passed. 

lavender in provence

Provence, like lavender is always different, but yet also always the same in a timeless manner, year after year. 

Provence travel means lavender fields

So we will be back to the Luberon and to all of Provence and to France and to Europe again soon and in the meantime we have our pictures to remind us of this special time, the aroma of lavender and Mozart has some extraordinary art photos from museums in Europe on her wall where she writes music on her piano and some show Provence and lavender. Unforgettable. 

Please share your Provence stories or future plans in the comments! I love hearing them. 

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Lovely pictures, as always! When you need a lavender fix closer to home (as long as you stay near LA) check out lavender fields in Port Angeles, Washington

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Melissa, good to know!! That does look great and made me curious to look up where else one can get a lavender fix in the USA - and then where to find them on 7 continents -

I do love lavender. ;) Always more to discover and see!

Izy Berry

Mid-July! I'll make sure to remember that when planning for a trip. Thanks for mentioning that it's only in bloom once a year

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Izy! Yeah, it is one of those things you want to catch when you go to Provence. Most hotels close from November through May as it can get cold and windy...but the winter is a good time to go truffle hunting. ;) I think Provence is best in summer, especially if you can catch it before it gets more crowded ( as most Europeans holiday in August).


What a delightful mother-daughter trip! I haven't yet been to Provence, but I did venture to a very small but charming lavender farm outside Boise, ID this summer.
They had a bunch of local merchants, plenty of seats in the shade, lavender-based edible and non-edible treats, and pick-your-own fields: they provided baskets and scissors to harvest your own lavender. A nice bunch cost only $5, and it continues to fill my craft room with fragrance. Lovely!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Wow, that sounds cool Teresa!! Great to know about another fab place to get the experience here!!

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