Greatest Benefit of Long Term Family Travel?

June 13, 2018

Greatest Benefit of Long Term Family Travel?  swimming with dolphins in Key Largo open ocean
There are so many benefits to long term travel that it is hard to narrow it down to just one "greatest benefit". It has been the best possible education for Mozart, plus taking the time to allow her to be fluent as well as literate in Mandarin and Spanish added life-long benefits. We all learned so much from traveling and experiencing our world deeply. Even though I had done extensive travel before our world trip, our ten-year family world-journey changed me and us forever. 

Greatest Benefit of Long Term Family Travel?  exploring Shanghai
Our travels ( and our blog) have slowed down now that Mozart has moved onto pursuing her acting career and singing and songwriting ( as well as a musician who plays five instruments).  Her world schooling allowed her to graduate high school at 14 and start college as well as her career very early. She is working with Grammy-winning producer Mikal Blue and will soon release her debut EP and album and those things take considerable time, focus and effort. Los Angeles is the mecca for TV, film and music, so it is our base for now and we're enjoying this new unique adventure. She has much to give to the world and our travels had a big part in that as well as her life-view that there are no limitations. 

Santorini, Greece relaxing as a family
But this change has also given us time and the perspective to think about our decade of non-stop travel and how that has impacted Mozart and each one of us. Because she has taken an early college and career track, we see how much it is now and will continue to affect her life's journey. Languages and travel opens one's mind and possibilities. 

Heavenly Reyna in Beijing China
The greatest benefit of long term family travel? The TIME we had together to enjoy each other, see the world, and just all the time to bond through adventures as well as just hanging out. Since we are older parents, one of our biggest motivations for our world tour was to not miss a moment with our one-and-only child, since childhood passes so quickly, and our travel really helped us do that, more than we ever expected. No matter how foreign or surprising our ever-changing exhilarating environment was, we always had the close, loving bond of our family-unit to anchor us. We thrived on being together 24/7 all 365 days a year.
Heavenly Reyna  in Bora Bora
Mozart grew up around the world with two stay-at-home-parents and world-schooling, so had more time with us than most kids ever get and that keeps us very close even today when we are on the much more sped up. fast-track of typical life in America. TIME is the greatest gift we are given in this life, so we do sometimes long for those endless-summer, care free days and truly cherish that gift we gave to ourselves. Ten amazing years of living-in-the moment and having boundless freedom to create each day as we pleased. As glorious as all the sights were, and all the freedom, all that TIME together was the greatest benefit. 

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You have been such an inspiration to me over the years. I too am on hiatus from my full time travels. Caring for my dad here in SoCal, also. We are really enjoying our homeschooling community and catching up on all the culture the city has to offer. Plan to travel again when this phase is over, and eventually get overseas. Enjoy your updates.

jeanne Dee

Aw, thanks Robynd! Always so sweet to hear from you!! Life always leads us to where we need to be! ;)

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