Autumn Travel - Best Destinations!

October 14, 2018

Autumn Travel - Best Destinations!

Fall is the perfect time to get away as one can skip the heat and crowds of the summer high season and even enjoy better prices during this shoulder season! Here are other posts I have written about travel in the fall:

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Italy in Autumn

Autumn Travel - Best Destinations!
 Vineyards are also in full fall color and ready for harvest so that can be an added bonus of fall travel.


Sometimes you get lucky like we did traveling in Italy one fall where we got to see these beautiful sunflowers in full bloom with the back drop of trees in a spectacular show of fall foliage of gold, scarlet and orange. 

 Or when we were visiting vineyards in Route des Vins d'Alsace while in France one autumn and were astonished as it was like walking into a painting. 

Autumn Travel - Best Destinations!
 Even farmers markets are full of fall goodness like these these brightly colored pumpkins and gourds in lovely Ljublija, Slovenia.

Autumn Travel - Best Destinations!

Fall is a terrific time to do Biking Vineyards in France  during harvest time like we did in  Burgundy at an awesome Pinot Noir vineyard just bursting with autumn color. 

Heavenly Reyna in Prague

Cities can also be rewarding and so less crowded, so more connection with locals like we did in Prague, where our little Mozart Dee the musician studies posters surrounded by fallen leaves.

Autumn Travel - Best Destinations!

So no matter if you are a single,couple or family, fall is great time to explore! Where is your fave fall get away? 

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