Heavenly Reyna Sings Christmas Cover of "Mistletoe"! Merry Xmas!

December 23, 2019

Heavenly Reyna singer actress
Our gift to you! Heavenly Reyna sings a joyful Christmas cover of Justin Bieber's "Mistletoe" & we hope it finds you and yours enjoying this holiday season.

2019 has been such a hectic year, that it's great to be able to just rest and spend time with family as we prepare for a new year and new decade! Thank you so much for all your support of Heavenly and our blog! We are excited about this new decade, are you? 

Who knows where life leads us & where our children will take us? It is all only because of Heavenly that we began this blog and our decade of world travels as a digital nomad family on the move.  

Heavenly has come a long way from those early preschool years above, singing as she cuts down the family Christmas tree and making up songs at four as she decorates the tree, now working as a SAG lead dramatic actress in two movies this year, one where she sings five of her original songs! One movie where Heavenly kills Nazi's! Both release in 2020, so we will keep you posted when we know more. She also did a commercial, a pilot, created many songs in various studios and released her song "Push You Harder" which got great reviews. 

 Fun to look back at Heavenly at 13, in this medley, performing at Six Flags in Dallas and seeing photos of her many happy Christmas moments in Spain, China, California, tropical Malaysia & various places around the world on our global tour. 

Let's not forget this fun xmas video, where Heavenly at 15/16 sings with a friend and her Dad gets the honor of playing Santa Claus!

Heavenly was always so musical & animated as a baby and child, I suppose I should have expected a singing, songwriting, acting career, but she was also so exceptional at math, languages, archeology, science etc., that we really had no idea that this is where we'd be today. As a kid her goal was always to go to Harvard, but destiny stepped in and this early peak career called to her & started blossoming. 

Celebrate this holiday season with love and just enjoy what adventure you and yours are leading you towards! Let's make it the best decade yet!



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