Heavenly Reyna Stars in "Glass Darkly" Movie!

December 17, 2019

Heavenly Reyna award winning actress stars in new move "Glass Darkly" onset

Heavenly Reyna  an award-winning actress will star in the psychological drama "Glass Darkly" based on the true story of two teenaged World War II heroes written/directed by Dave Penner and Eli Chance with award-winning cinematographer Ben Gaskell. It is a grounded coming-of-age period piece with brutal psychological twists and a modern flair that makes it relevant today. 

Heavenly Reyna Stars in "Glass Darkly" Movie!
You may have read a lot of press about this story or the book by Sophie Poldermans, " Seducing and Killing Nazis" like in the New York Post this month or Time magazine or History.  The film was shot in Dutch and German for authenticity and filmed on locations in Holland,  Michigan and Los Angeles.

 Heavenly plays the lead role of fourteen year old Freddie who was only thirteen when World War II began. 

Heavenly Reyna Stars in "Glass Darkly" Movie playing 14 year old WWII hero

“These women never saw themselves as heroines,” writes the book’s author Sophie Poldermans, who is also a human-rights activist in the Netherlands. “They were extremely dedicated and believed they had no other option but to join the resistance. They never regretted what they did during the war.”

Although their roles in the underground were at first confined to stealing Dutch identity documents to help persecuted Jews, the girls quickly graduated to more ruthless duties.

Freddie, who was just 14 when she began to work for the resistance, was often mistaken for a schoolgirl and was dispatched as a courier delivering important messages during the occupation. But later, all three young women worked to seduce Nazis: applying makeup and bright red lipstick to pick up soldiers at bars and lure them to their deaths."

Heavenly Reyna Stars in "Glass Darkly" Movie! Holland invaded by Nazi Germany

Heavenly Reyna's credits include "Rose" ( where she won Best Actress for a dramatic role), Brat series "The Talent Show", featured with Ariana Grande in God is a Woman and the upcoming "Groupie Killer" movie thriller where she sings five of her original songs which will be releasing soon.

Heavenly Reyna Stars in "Glass Darkly" Movie!  Cast & crew onset at wrap

Look for the release of "Glass Darkly" this spring or summer. Heavenly had a great time shooting this with a wonderful, talented cast and crew! The film dailies looked fantastic, so we can't wait to share the trailer and more information about this film soon!




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