New York Magazine Calls Heavenly Reyna a Stylish Teen!

February 25, 2020

Heavenly Reyna singer:songwriter & actress

Singer, Songwriter, Actress Heavenly Reyna was called a "cool teen" in New York Magazine today & she blogged about it! She was delighted that they asked her opinion on expressing herself and ways she keeps a positive attitude while creating songs, TikTok's and Instagram stories in her bedroom recording studio! 

Heavenly Reyna in New York Magazine

 Heavenly grew up with sunflowers and she has always loved them, so it is not surprising that a tapestry with sunflowers, plants and sunshine makes her happy. 

Heavenly Reyna childhood at 4
We always had sunflowers and sun in the home she grew up in deep in the Santa Cruz mountains as you can see in the photo above. She is playing in the herb garden next to the house and the sunflowers and vineyard are behind them and the house is to the right, but not seen. 

france sunflowers
We also always seem to run into sunflowers often on our world travels like above in rural France or below in Germany and Portugal

germany sunflowers

Portugal sunflowers

If there are sunflowers around, Heavenly will find them, like she did when she did her 10 city Ignite solo tour in Europe. 

Heavenly Reyna on 10 city European solo tour

Note how she found this field below in Costa Brava on the way to the train to Barcelona. 

Heavenly Reyna in sunflowers on costa brava
Even in London, she managed to find a whole store full of sunflowers at the National Gallery museum shop. 

Heavenly Reyna in London at National Gallery
 Or after she performed in Marbella, Spain at the Fuerte Hoteles and her wonderful hosts from gifted her with a gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers.  

Heavenly Reyna after performing in Marbella
 She even discovered wild sunflowers growing on a deserted off-season beach in Texas! 

Heavenly Reyna at Texas beach

Thus, one can see why it is not too big of a surprise that she picked a tapestry that had sunflowers, sun, blue skies and more that made her smile! We're living in a beach city, so can't grow sunflowers here, but this way, she always has them near her. 

What gives you joy? 



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