Heavenly Reyna Makes Partner with Twitch Music in Just 6 Months!

March 27, 2021

Heavenly Reyna partner twitch music
Trilingual Singer/Songwriter and actress Heavenly Reyna just made Partner at Twitch Music which is no easy feat and she did it in just 6 months! Like many industries, music and acting have been absolutely devastated during the pandemic, but Heavenly has managed to find new ways to move forward despite all the restrictions, through hard work and innovation. So it is great to see her rewarded by wonderful, supportive fans from around the world!

She sings on Twitch 5 times a week for 4- 6 hours at a time so join her at 12n- 4pm pst on Tue, Fri, Sun and 7 to 10pm pst on Wed & Sat!!

She actually got the email Partner notice on March 18th, but she missed that, so a wonderful Twitch employee came to her stream 5 days later and she got this great news live with her audience watching her reaction in real time. Here is a clip from that amazing moment:

The pandemic has expanded our virtual worlds more than ever and that trend will likely continue especially with "gen z". Twitch has been around since 2011 although mostly gaming then and when bought by Amazon, but it really took off for musicians/singer/songwriters in the Pandemic ( head of Spotify took over music ) as it is the best place for artists to make money live streaming singing, selling songs etc and to gain fantastic fans from around the world ( who are stuck at home missing concerts).

Livestreaming is very different than singing live ( and one has to be an amazing techie with lots of equipment). Heavenly  started out on an old laptop but her fans have bought her a new PC, Mac, electric guitar, camera etc etc so she is learning and expanding on many levels. She even has her first Sponsoship by Rode mics! On TikTok she co-created an innovative show with 3x Emmy winner Bernie Su called Dark Springs  ( who also has an award winning show on Twitch). None of us really knew what Twitch was before last year! Her fans even buy and send her favorite meals from restaurants virtually!

Heavenly Reyna on Twitch with California Pizza kitchen
This is a great quote from an article talking about music changes:

"Perhaps the biggest winners in all of this have been the large digital video platforms, which have reaped the benefits of desperate artists and a captive audience stuck at home. Twitch, the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform, has exploded this past year, with a 550% leap in hours watched, year over year, in the music category alone, according to Tracy Chan, the service’s vice president and head of music. He sees this flood of creators as a sign that livestreaming is more than simply a means to stay in front of fans; it can become a real revenue generator for artists like Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda, who has helped develop and produce three albums via Twitch. Chan says the number of musicians on track to make more than $25,000 in revenue a year grew 735% between January and September 2020, and success isn’t just for those with a massive audience. As of late October, the median viewership for creators making $50,000 or more a year was just 183 per stream, meaning many were thriving with a very small, committed fan base."

Heavenly not only is interacting with fans around the world on Twitch, but is also creating music from her tiny bedroom studio, with producers in LA and around the world. In the beginning of the lockdown she found a Taiwanese producer in Germany and created a song together in Mandarin that opened up a whole new world for her as she will be releasing songs in Mandarin soon. She is also working with Dutch & LA producers on an EP in English that she will be releasing soon. 

Heavenly Reyna singing star on TwitchThe world may be confined by Covid, but nothing will stop the world from connecting and now even in greater ways. I think Heavenly is a perfect example of using this time to expand despite all challenges and constrictions! It is breathtaking to see her create and connect with people from around the world every day from her bedroom studio as she has rarely been out of the house this past year since she lives with 2 high risk parents and that has been hard on her. In what ways have you grown and expanded during this pandemic? 

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