Happy Valentine's Day & Super Bowl Weekend!

February 11, 2022

Heavenly Reyna on Valentines Day
Happy Valentine's Day Weekend & Happy Super Bowl Weekend! ❤️ What crazy person thought this was a good combo? Not anyone who read my top 10  most romantic cities list who has been dreaming of a trip! By the way, did you know Valentine's Day is illegal in Malaysia

Usually they are on different weekends, so this year makes it trickier to do a romantic weekend away, but if there is a will, there is a way! My top 6 romantic places to celebrate Valentine's Day? Tahiti, Santa Fe, Paris, Key West, Brugge or Venice!!

Love art on soultravelers3
I took these photos of our singer/songwriter/actress daughter Heavenly Reyna on two Valentine's Day before Covid started and the joy of those moments still makes me smile. Now, she just turned 21, is in her first apartment, bought her first car and we empty nest parents are planning long term travel a continent away in Europe. Time flies when you are having fun!

Heavenly reyna singer songwriter on valentines day
We are at the beach in LA, so lots of excitement hereabouts because the super bowl will take place here and the local team is in the game. And spring has sprung here with sunny days, yesterday it was a balmy 84f/29C!

Santa monica beach by soultravelers3 jeanne dee
But I am not into sports & my husband @garreynadesign was rooting for the
SF 49ers ( our home team since we are from northern Ca), so that gives us full reign to focus on love and Valentine's Day. We will probably catch those famous super bowl commercials at some point to enjoy the creativity.

If you are interested in a delish, fast, healthy treat recipe for Valentine's Day or the Super Bowl, check out my recipe for Paleo/Vegetarian Chocolate covered strawberries on our Soultravelers3 blog!

Enjoy the weekend no matter what you are celebrating!

What are your plans?

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