My Weight Journey - Down 135lbs/ 61.2 kilos!

June 04, 2022

My Weight Journey -  Down 135lbs: 61.2 kilos! Soultravelers3

Embrace and love your body. It’s the most amazing thing you will ever own. What an incredible weight loss  journey & weight loss transformation this has been, as I work on my vintage body in Barcelona and as we work on remodeling our vintage camper here for more world travel & digital nomad life

My Weight Journey - Down 135lbs: 61.2 kilos! remodel vintage camer and vintage body in spain

Yay, I am down 135lbs/ ( 61.2 kilos) since Jan 2022, which is truly a miracle for a woman over 50 & I just turned 70 in March. I am down 30lbs since I blogged about my weight loss journey in March.
This has been a life long battle that I am finally finding ways to master. Being here in Barcelona just makes it more special. 

My Weight Journey - Down 135lbs: 61.2 kilos! barcelona resort soultravelers3 pool

In the four part photo, the first photo with white tee is from 2017 when I was at my highest weight and started working on this issue again as I have had many ups and downs and struggles with it. The second photo in the grey outfit is from November 2021 and finally at that point, the weight loss started to show a bit, even my daughter Heavenly noticed and my waist started to return. The third photo in the black exercise outfit is from March when I announced my weight loss on this blog. And the last photo in this same outfit I took this week before we met with upholstery and interior painting contractors here near Barcelona for our van conversion tiny home remodeling. 

My Weight Journey - Down 135lbs: 61.2 kilos! weight loss motivation over 100lbs soultravelers3
The weight loss is more subtle now, but I am so pleased I managed to lose another 30lbs despite hectic travel this summer and even eating a little paella with our friends upon arrival! 

You will note the grey pants in the 2nd photo were my old "skinny" pants and I was thrilled to be able to get them on in November and now they are too baggy on me and I've thrown out a ton of "fat" clothes. I am keeping a photo and video journal of my weight loss process and will share it when I reach my final destination and will write the book as we roam the world and I maintain my ideal weight and health 

My Weight Journey - Down 135lbs: 61.2 kilos! soultravelers3 barcelona resort & gym

More to go to reach my goal in both these areas, but it is exciting to see the change and I am so enjoying walking, biking, swimming here, working out and eating healthy. Big completions bring such joy!

I plan on writing an ebook about my weight loss journey and transformation, any suggestions for titles?

What do you most want to know about my weight loss and weight loss and fitness motivation? 

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Congratulations! It's a lot of work but so worth it to be healthy.


Thanks so much!! It really has been so hard and a lot of work, but at my age, there really is no choice, as excess weight is a killer when older and even worse today with combining covid with senior years and fat.

I have likely 40 more pounds to go, but I can see the finish line now and love how great it feels to be in a normal and fit range again!!


Wow! You really have done an amazing job!! What do you think the key factor in your success was?


Aw, thanks so much Lucretia! ( Sorry too, that we did not get to connect in LA area before we took off to Europe and glad you had a great time, so we will have to meet up somewhere along the way next time). Congrats to your hubby!!

Likely, the key factor is my tenacity as I had a LOT of failure along the way, but was determined to complete this & I hate surgery too much to go the gastric bypass route. Knowing this much excess weight was going to kill me early ( plus the added dangers of covid to seniors that are overweight) my hard headedness was based on no other choice really as I want to live a long life for myself and as well as my "late baby".

Also all my energy and life force went into my child and marriage for 30 years, but I knew this empty nest and "final act" was headed my way, so it was time for me to focus on me above everyone else for a change because it clearly was out of balance for a long time.

I think the excess weight served me well for a time and unlike many, I found it a blessing and loved the invisibility freedom it gave me. BUT it overstayed it's welcome and trapped me, so I wanted my last chapter to be one of slenderness, lightness of being and joy.

So that propels me forward to my success ( even though there is more to go and it is always much slower than I would like it to go). I gain so easily and lose so slowly, but if I stick to doing what works, and find ways to be happy with it all, I get there step by step. It is easier now because I can see the finish line and after losing so much, 40 more pounds to go, seems like an easy task now. But then maintaining for life will keep me on my toes forever! :)


Congratulations Jeanne on your amazing transformation and your determination to improve yourself. You are amazing!!

When you were living in Asia, you mentioned having been researching healing cavities naturally and that you were going to publish your notes. Would you blog about what you learned and what worked for you.



Thanks so much Gopika!

I DO want to get back to that dental area and will be blogging about it and plan to finally get around to writing an ebook about curing gum disease.

We did have some success with curing dental cavities, but that is more a problem for my husband ( and to some extent, my daughter as I just do not get cavities and my whole family is like that).

They had success, but the diet was too strict for them, so they both gave it up.

So I think it can work if one is able to stay on the diet, but the diet can be hard for some people,

I feel I am more experienced with dealing with gum disease and healing that, and I have actually learned more about that.

But it is a lot of information and I have to have the time to gather it, but it IS on my list and I will get to it.

I will probably do the weight loss book first, but then will focus on the dental area.

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