Yay Hilary Swank, Baby at 48 is Best!

October 11, 2022

Yay Hilary Swank  Baby at 48 is Best! pregnant with twins older moms rock

As we road trip around Croatia this fall as digital nomad world travelers & do house hunting in Spain virtually, I  noticed the controversy around Hilary Swank announcing her pregnancy at 48 & was surprised there was a lot of hate & misinformation from people who do not know better. I have experience in this area that was super positive ( although I did not have twins). Becoming a mother varies significantly by geography and education. Now first-time mothers are older in big cities and on the coasts, and younger in rural areas and in the Great Plains and the South. Thus, very different perspectives. ALL my peer friends had babies in their 40's, loved it and now have wonderful grown children and full lives of their own. And the number of babies born to women 45 and older  has more than tripled over the past decade!

Yay Hilary Swank  Baby at 48 is Best!  soultravelers3 pregnant late baby
22 years ago, I had a child at 48 and it was the most wonderful, easy pregnancy with zero complications  & amazing childhood ( we raised our trilingual kiddo around the world for a decade choosing worldschooling & van life pioneering). I am 70 & we are both super healthy and feel like 20 & she is already very successful. We had so much more time, money, experience, wisdom, support to give her that we never would have had at 20. Best choice evah, so big congrats to Hilary!! They will do great! Older mom's tend to live longer & my mom is 95 & I grew up with 4 great grandparents, ( mom & grandmother both had late babies)  so we are traveling the world enjoying ourselves & likely will for a long time.

Yay Hilary Swank  Baby at 48 is Best! older parents stay young hiking europe fit
This photo was taken yesterday after a long hike, boat ride and up many, many stairs in Croatia where we had a blast exploring. Do we look decrepit?  I feel like 20 now and exercise vigorously daily. MANY women now have babies in their 40's & I think it is better for mom & child to have a wiser, more mature, more financially stable mom who spent her young years focused on career, saving, learning about life and cherish their child/children in a way that is not possible at 20 because of life experience.  

Yay Hilary Swank  Baby at 48 is Best! mom at 48  grandmother at 70 new normal!!

My mom was a young & vibrant 71 when my daughter was born ( above photo is a recent one this year & she is 95)  & was a very involved grandmother ( between her daily golfing & walking). Many women today eat well and take good care of their health. I would have made a horrible mother at 20 and been unhappy as career was important to me then ( and saving for the future), but when I was ready & started trying around 40 ( many miscarriages), I was a great mom. So timing is everything and up to the individual to make a choice that works best for them and their circumstances. There is no one perfect choice for anyone & every choice has pros and cons. We felt young when we had her and we feel young now & did through the whole process! Most parents in the areas we lived were a similar age to us, so that was never an issue.

Yay Hilary Swank  Baby at 48 is Best!  older parents have most advantages

Emmy Rossum defended Hilary Swank's pregnancy at 48 with "go f-k yourself", but I think there are better ways to enlighten people and show there are MANY great reasons to have a late baby and it is a trend in highly educated areas. Celebrating and supporting a new mother is always a good thing and even more so when the mother has had a struggle to get the child. I love the trend of older parenting and think it will continue and benefit our world. The many studies on having and raising a child as older mom and parents show the benefits!



You're More Emotionally Prepared

You're More Financially Stable
You have More Life Experience

More Time to Spend With the Kids

A Greater Appreciation for Being a Parent

Stable Relationships Long Established 

You and Your Kids could Live Longer

Your Kids Will be Healthier & Have few Accidents 

Your Kids could be Smarter

Better Brain Power ( for Mom too)

Crossed Most things off Bucket List already

Older Moms Stay Young Longer

Older Moms Live Longer

There Are Positive Long-term Outcomes For Children Of Older Moms 

Older Moms Are Often Healthier

Children Of Older Moms Often Have More Emotional Support

Older Moms Are More Content Overall










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Elizabeth van der Eijden


I follow you already for years.
I am Dutch, lived in 5 countries, and recently moved to France, with my husband Marc.
I did Insight IV in 1992, in Sta Monica, I did PAT I and II.
I founded Insight in Belgium, in 1993. We are now 'retired'... but still have many projects. Come visit us, we are in Poligny, France, Jura. Love Elizabeth


So sorry Elizabeth that I am just now seeing this! What a sweet note & sounds like we have much in common. My sister in law is Dutch!

Thanks so much for the invite!! We'd love to visit some time!!

Robyn d

Such an inspiration. Did my best as a mother in my twenties but feel I was in much better mother when I had my youngest at 38. Now my older children are in their 30s and just now trying to start their families. I tell them that the 30s is a much better age to have children and now you have convinced me that the 40s will work too. I am also looking forward to following you again as you inspire me to continue hoping for a life of full-time travel when my time of caregiving for my dad is done.

Soul Travelers3

Aw, thanks Robyn! So great to hear from you and get your perspective!! I also advise my child to wait. I am so glad I waited ( even though it took a lot longer than I expected to get pregnant and that was hard waiting and trusting). I also had miscarriages while waiting and those were devastating. BUT I am still glad I waited and had my baby so late. For us it was perfect. Hugs to you and your caregiving and I know you will love being back on the road with full time travel. I think we enjoy it even more now as life gets more precious as we age & I want to see and re see as much of the beauty on this planet that I can before I die!!

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