Best Cheap Airbnb in Rome by Beach & Airport

June 21, 2023

Best Cheap Airbnb in Rome by Beach & Airport holiday  vacation

Did you know that you can stay at the nearby beach with a sea view while visiting Rome? We've even taken the fun  Barcelona-Rome Cruise Ferry a few times with our vintage van! We love Italy & have done a lot of travel around Italy over the years,( including me living there) but we didn’t know that great beach was there in Rome! It is part of the Metropolitan City of Rome & a coastal suburb near the airport in Fiumicino. We prefer long “van life” visits, but this time we chose this airbnb short stay (between our digital nomad "Schengen shuffle" winter beach stay in Larnaca &  our vintage van camping resort near Barcelona ) where we are house hunting & our 22 year old daughter  Heavenly is visiting us at this summer solstice celebration. 

Best Cheap Airbnb in Rome by Beach & Airport  Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino
If you want to get the most out of our short stay getaway at the best price, this Rome airbnb apartment on the beach near the airport is a great choice! You can have the best of both worlds. 

Best Cheap Airbnb in Rome by Beach & Airport  waves beautiful sea views
 Large cities can be hectic with crowds, tourists & traffic, so we tend to like to stay in more relaxed areas (cheaper too)  & go into the city ( like Rome) for the day as day trips and the mass transit or taxis from here make that easy. One can also rotate doing an intense city touring day and then a relaxing beach day. 

Best Cheap Airbnb in Rome by Beach & Airport  historic center
This was not a perfect place, but worked perfectly for us. It was large and bright with lots of light shining in. 

Best Cheap Airbnb in Rome by Beach & Airport large  light  airy sea view

The first morning we enjoyed the beautiful sunrise from the very large terrace. 

Best Cheap Airbnb in Rome by Beach & Airport sunrise at Rome beach
The kitchen was more than adequate for our needs and most if you want to cook most or all your meals.

Best Cheap Airbnb in Rome by Beach & Airport  kitchen
 The wrap around terrace was huge and on the top floor so lovely views of the sea, but one down side was it is a 5 floor walk up and we did not know that until we arrived!

Best Cheap Airbnb in Rome by Beach & Airport  big terrace

 Never the less we thought it was great and we enjoyed Rome and the beach and we arrived late at night because the budget airline changed our flight and the co host picked us up after 1am which made the late arrival better and worth the extra charge. 

Best Cheap Airbnb in Rome by Beach & Airport  beauty peace
We paid less than one hundred dollars per night and really enjoyed our stay, so can recommend this place and area!

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I’ve been following your blog for so many years! I started following when Mozart was like 5 or 6 years old and I was in high school! I’m now 31 and it’s crazy to realize we are all grown up! I’m pursing FIRE with real estate and investments (I also am very fortunate though and I work remotely full time so getting to travel the world while I do it). I’m curious to know how you view your finances while traveling full time in retirement after so many years - especially given the cost of living increases in the recent years. Do you feel any worries about finances given the cost of living changes etc.? I ask because I’ll likely retire before 40 and my husband and I would also like to have kids. My financial independence passive income goal is quite high, so I feel like it should be okay. But I’m just curious to know how people feel about retiring early after they’ve already been doing it for a longer time. Do you feel like it would have been better to keep working a bit longer before retiring or does the thought never even cross your mind? I watch lots of YouTubers on the topic, but many have only been retired for a few years. I know you guys have been doing it for half of my life already, so I’d love your perspective.

I’m also curious how you guys look back on homeschooling Mozart. When I read your blogs in high school it was my dream to be her! Now my husband and I are planning to have kids one day and I would like to world school them. My husband isn’t as convinced on it as I am (although he is open minded to it). Do you or Mozart have any regrets about it? Now that she is older does she ever wish she just lived in one place growing up or wish that she went to “real” school more often?


Wow, Kimberly so great to hear from you and what an amazing story to know you started following us in high school and now doing your own similar travel and free life. Wow, thanks for sharing as that really touches my heart!! I am sure it might be different for every person and every child, but for us this was the best decision we ever made and worked out well for all of us on every level. Had we not done it, stayed in one place and worked endlessly, perhaps we would have more money, but who knows and what we got out of those travel years has such extraordinary value that we think we made the best possible choices. Travel life is so enlivening & also makes for extraordinary bonding. Every child is different, but for ours, it was the best possible childhood & she still loves travel & grateful for her life as it was. Life happens & each of our different, so there is no way to know everything in advance. All of life is a risk & there are always consequences so sometimes one adjusts to new realities. If you have a child who hates travel then you will have to deal with that. I know a worldschool mom who has twins and one loves to travel & one got tired of it. So they had to adjust, but the non traveler one is spending a year with grandma & normal school while the single mom & other one enjoy traveling. I had an accident & then long term illness that affected us. So you just never know. We knew our choices had risks, ( esp when we began no one was doing it). But it has worked out really well for us ( even the challenges we sometimes had to deal with as every life has challenges) and we have no regrets, so grateful we made the choices we did. Now, early retirement, digital nomads and world schooling are soooo much easier as so many more people are doing it, digital nomad visas are available, world school hubs are everywhere etc etc and I think that will just continue to grow and expand. You sound like you are making really great choices ( especially at your age) so I would just trust yourself & be open to playing things by ear. We tried several schools when our daughter was little where we lived, so our world travel started just as an idea and then life led us to keep expanding it....because it made us happy and worked so well for all of us. In life, one is always just problem solving from one to the next and that just expands when one marries and adds other humans to the mix like a kiddo ( or two). I tend to be a person who thinks out of the box & believe if there is a will there is always a way & my nature is happy/content, so that all helps one handle the many challenges of every life. We are so so so grateful that we retired early, had a kid late, world schooled etc as those were the best decisions for us then and remain the best even today. If you read what people regret on their dying bed, you don't hear people wishing they worked more, but that they spent more time in loving and being with family and enjoying life, so keep that in mind because life zips by fast. It is hard to believe my baby is now 22 and I am 71! The fact that my husband got to spend so much time with his daughter & all of us together was/is worth endless millions to us for how that helped all of our lives forever. Give yourself security like you are doing, but also remember what is the most important in life, health and love and enjoying the wonderful things about life and this precious earth!

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