Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!

December 05, 2023

Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  beautiful wild stray feral cat like lion cut

Are you a cat lover who loves to travel? No worries.There are tons of ways for you to indulge in cat photo taking & cat travel experiences while exploring the world!! We love the cute kitties that visit us daily in our van life at our Barcelona beach resort! Where are cats? Thailand, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Turkey, Malaysia, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Croatia, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Portugal, Albania, NetherlandsBora Bora and more are places we have seen lots of cats and kittens.

Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling! adorable wild cat bulgaria lion hair cut
I adored this lioness looking cat in the lead photo that was roaming the ancient cobbled stone streets of Bansko! Cats and World travel go together with adorable spontaneous, surprising connections. Stray cats are plentiful in Europe especially in the Mediterranean coastal nations, as well as most Muslim and Asian nations. Cats are just part of our digital nomad full time travel lifestyle. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  wild stray kittens camping vanlife in spain

There are about twenty baby kittens near our van camping spot here in Spain and various ones join us every morning for coffee. Sometimes they sneak under our glamping tent too, thinking it is a fun play tunnel. People who work here feed them daily and kids love to play with and cuddle them. Campers and kids feed them too. 


 We usually sit outside in the morning sunshine and chat and soon we are surrounded by kittens and sometimes maybe their mom and dad too!

Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  3 stray cute kittens camping resort barcelona

Lots of cat lovers around as my youtube shorts showing these kittens went a bit viral!

 They like to follow me like the pied piper ( sometimes as many as 20 come out of hiding places to chase after me, likely hoping I will feed or hug them). 

Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  stray cats in spain

Some are very friendly and outgoing and love to be held and petted,  some are frisky rascals playing with siblings or cousins and some stay close but behind a bush like the 4th cat in this photo. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  cat art door europe old town

 Besides endless kittens and cute cats on our travels, we also see lots of cat art! I've forgotten where this cute blue door was, but it made us smile. In the Gothic part of Barcelona there is  huge bronze sculpture known as the chubby Botero cat created by Columbian artist Fernando Botera. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  kitty cat in sweden photo by 7 year old heavenly renyna

When we were visiting Sweden in 2007, our daughter Heavenly Reyna ( then 7 years old) took this photo of a cat there that she adored! She is still taking photos and loving cats and kittens and dogs. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  stray cat in Morocco

 There were lots of cats in Morocco and this one was in Essouria and looked very moroccan and regal but maybe hungry. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling! Istanbul stray cat

 Turkey ( like many muslim countries)  is known sometimes as the City of Cats. Some people even jokingly  call Istanbul  "'Catstanbul". Like so many places, they are just a normal part of life and have been for centuries. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling! Turkey cat from Van with 2 colored eyes

We spotted a few of those Van cats with one blue eye and one yellow eye that we had heard about that are native to Van, Turkey. This little van kitten was caged as it was for sale in a market. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  cat in Galica farm  horreos

There are lots of stray cats all over Spain and it seems like most Spaniards enjoy them and think of them as part of the community. The cat population in Spain was measured in 2021 at approximately 5.86 million! Unique to Galicia are horreos that are built off the ground and hold grain. They are curious granaries made of slitted stone, raised on stilts to keep rodents and moisture out, and topped by crosses. They add charm to the landscape and we even found this one with a door open and a cat looking out amongst the corn. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  caturday cat lovers flowers

I loved this sweet cat our first digital nomad summer in Bansko! There are lots of stray cats and dogs in Bulgaria. There were a bunch of kittens near the place we stayed at that were very lovable and fun. The stray dogs can be a bit scarier as they can travel in packs.


It was really fun meeting this friendly cat at one of the top Monasteries in Meteora, Greece. We often see cats around sightseeing tourism spots because I suppose travelers feed them. Greece is filled with stray cats. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  stray cats europe
There were tons of stray cats in Cyprus. One digital nomad that I met who adores cats ended up feeding and then adopting a few and traveling on with them. I think you can adopt the stray cats from various places, but look up how to for the correct details depending on the country. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  cats in kotor riviera montenegro

We loved the stray cats in Montenegro like this cutie at our Kotor Riviera airbnb long stay home. Kotor is a Unesco medieval town that is called a cat lovers dream! There were a bunch of super friendly cats that hung out near us and I saw neighbors throwing them food and scraps. They loved to be cuddled. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  cat lovers cudding cat in Kotor

 There is even a travelers store with cat souvenirs called Cats of Kotor and many more cat-devoted shops and a charity called  Kotor Kitties that helps to feed and medicate stray cats.


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  cat on beach in Croatia
Croatia is another place where there are tons of cats and kittens roaming free across the country, even at the beaches. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  top of the mountain hiking cat bulgaria bansko
This regal looking cat roamed near us in our second summer home in Bulgaria that was closer to the ski areas and woods. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  europe cat by sea in Unesco Perast Montenegro

This cute cat liked to hang out near the sea in Unesco Perast in Montenegro. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  adorable white stay cat europe

 This cute white cat was spotted playing with the lion cut cat in my lead photo in the ancient streets of Bansko, Bulgaria. 


Dubrovnik is also quite famous for it's many cats and I adored this black one that was always purring away and wanting our attention at our airbnb. 

Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  cats europe signs stairs

 I think this cute cat sign and stairs was in Montenegro, but I am not sure if it was Kotor or Budva. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  cat yawn funny europe travel cat
Cute cat yawning on our travels and I think it was in Rome. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  beautiful white cat kotor
This white cat was very friendly and just hanging out and following us in Montenegro. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  mama cat feeding tourists bread to kittens

One of the most delightful and captivating encounters with cats happened with this hearty mother cat in Greece. As we rested in the shade at another monastery in Meteora, I saw a tourist give part of their sandwich to this cat. At first I thought it might be a bit of a greedy male cat with such a big treat.

Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  mama wild stray cat feeding baby kittens
Then I was shocked to see her go straight up a large rocky mountain and much to our surprise, suddenly we saw a bunch of kittens who soon came out of hiding and  were gobbling up her food prize and meowing with delight. 

Sorry the quality is bad because it was in deep shade and gotten quickly by phone, but it was quite a fascinating moment that a few of us tourists from many countries witnessed in awe! 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  kitty cat
This was a cosy stray cat in the Albania Riviera near Corfu Greece. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  cat lover kitty with flowers in Bibinje Croatia

This was a sweet cat near some pretty  flowers in Bibinje watching the world go by.  


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling!  orange tabby travel cat

We saw this cat on our day trip to old town Corfu, Greece that I will write about soon. 


Cute Kittens & Cats You Meet Traveling! soultravelers3 Jeanne Dee with white cat in Kotor Montenegro

We love all the cats we meet along the way on our world travels and the joy they bring to us. Sometimes we meet them when couch surfing with their owners. Some digital nomads travel with their cats.There is also a helpful Nat Geo article on how the pandemic has affected stray cats and what we can do to help. Have you met cats on your travels and what was your favorite? Leave a comment about that or where you have found the best cat travel moments. 



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ohh as a Greek resident I must love cats and I even have one! They are so beautiful and inteligent!

Jeanne Dee

Thanks Simina! Ahh yes, as a Greek resident is must be a prerequisite to love cats! :) We're always traveling now, so we do not have a cat, so it really helps us to find them as we roam to cuddle and hear them purr.


I love cats and I love this post! My favourite cats are in Dubrovnik. I spend a lot of time there and I love seeing them! Great post!

jeanne dee

Aww, thanks Karla!! Cats and kittens really add so much to travel & we did love them in Dubrovnik too and all around Croatia!


My son loved the cats in Kotor. We saw indeed many stray cats and dogs (and chickens and some goats) all over the Balkan last Summer.

jeanne dee

So fun Cosette!! Especially nice for kids I think. When we traveled full time as our daughter grew up, it was really special to meet cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, goats, sheep, chickens etc as we roamed, since we were on the move so didn't have a pet of our own those years.

Linda (LD Holland)

We are always surprised at how many cats and kittens we do see when we travel. You certainly have encountered some with character. And always fun to find good street art of cats too. They sure look like they lead a lazy life!

Jeanne Dee

Thanks Linda! It really is surprising how many amazing cats and kittens one runs into with travel. They do seem to add a lot of pleasure to travelers and loved by the communities they live in mostly. We do seem to be lucky in finding some special ones...all these kittens here sure surprised us and that mama cat feeding her hidden babies!!


This is quite a unique post, and the cats are adorable. I was just in Greece and loved how cats were everywhere. They were so friendly and not bothersome at all. And I am saying that as a dog person.

jeanne dee

Wow, thanks Karen! Great to get your perspective as a dog person! Two things I miss in full time travel is having a pet and gardening, but I have found ways around that with our van life. Not quite the same, but it fulfills that need. Meeting cats and kittens adds to the joy of travel ( and sometimes dogs and puppies too).

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