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Sir Cumference and the First Round Table
Another adorable math adventure story that uses the popular King Arthur premise to easily and entertainingly explain math concepts. It is a high quality skinny paperback which means it goes with us in the RV and hangs out in the homeschool cubby whole for free reading.

Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream
Mozart has long loved this book and it is a fun way to help kids to understand multiplication and the and joy of math. A good mathematical story! Paperback and skinny, so easy to take along and allows effortless math education that a child can self select.Unschooling is served well by books like this that teach without a child even knowing that the fun thing she is doing is learning.

Linnea in Monet's Garden
Simply a wonderful book to help a young child prepare for Paris, Monet, Giverny, museums, history and gardens and encourages her to appreciate the beauty of all. It will also keep the memories alive years after the event. We even got the doll of Linnea while at one of the Paris museums and Mozart carried it with her all over France and still plays with her from time to time. We wrote about how we used it to plan part of our Itinerary here & I don't think Mozart will ever forget Angelinas.

Zoe Sophia's Scrapbook
This is  wonderful book to prepare for Venice and Mozart has always enjoyed the story of this 9 year old girl's trip to Venice. We used it to make up a kid's itinerary during our time in Venice which Mozart got a real kick out of, as you might recall from this post.

Michelangelo's Surprise
This is a lovely picture book that Mozart has had for a long time which I picked up by chance one day long ago. She has always liked it and it was particularly nice to have it with us in Florence. Her connection to the story and beautiful pictures helped her feel more familiar with Florence, the Medici's and Michelangelo.

Babar's World Tour
This is a sweet book that is a must for a young child going on a world tour and a nice educational tool for any child, especially one that is following us. Lovely pictures and story like all the Barbar books.This was a great book to use to help prepare Mozart for our trip. They have simple words in different languages (and how to pronounce them) which adds to the value.

It's so Amazing!
This a fabulous book on sex education. It is a beautiful, comprehensive, child-friendly book that answers all the questions a child might have in an up-beat and caring way. We thought it important enough to bring with us, although we use it in Spain and not in the RV.

The Story of the World
We love this book and this series! We mostly use it as one of our before bed stories. Mozart also loves the workbooks and we have brought two along with us, but we just use them in Spain because they are too big for our camper space. It is a great way to teach history to kids! By having a better understanding about history, our travels are enriched.This particular one was great for our ancient history tour.

You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Gladiator!
This is another book that Mozart has had for a long
time and reads over and over. She loves it and she
loves Roman Gladiators for some reason. I would
have guessed that this book would appeal more
to boys, but not in our case. This is a funny and
entertaining picture book, but filled with lots of
interesting facts because the author is an archaeologist.
We found it great to have with us any time we were
touring ancient Roman ruins and it takes up little space.

Meet Samantha
Mozart started reading these when she was four and
still really enjoys them!  It is a great way to introduce
historical fiction to a young reader (most read this in
the 9-12 year old range). We brought the mini dolls
with us and a pile of books, but Mozart would love to
have them all. This is a lovely series and yet another
way to educate in a fun way. Samantha is  her  favorite
American girl at the moment and she loves introducing
her European friends to these books and dolls.

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