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Special Places to Stay Spain
I really like these books and the special places that they list. We have not used the one for Spain yet, but I like to pour over it and dream. Perhaps we will at least stop at some of these places for a meal soon or maybe do a week end. We did use the Morocco edition to find places there and were pleased with our choices.

What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You
About Children's Vaccinations

Written by an MD who is an expert on pediatric
vaccinations, this is an excellent book to help one
make this very important and difficult decision.
It is essential to get informed, even more so for
families that travel. Travel clinics have a vested
interest, so unlikely to give you the whole picture.
This book is a good starting point. Sometimes the
vaccine can be more harmful than the  disease and
there are many precautions a parent can take to
make this a safer choice.

The Collected Traveler Northern Spain
I really love this book and wish they had one for every area.They are just so juicy and delightful to savor. We had planned to go to Northern Spain on our first explorations of this journey in 2006, but life happens, so I have had a long time to really take in all the glories of this book. I fell deeply in love with Northern Spain just by reading this book, so glad we are finally going  the summer of 2008. If you like to get a deep sense of an area before going, these books are for you.

Traveler's Guide to European Camping
We find this the best book for camping in Europe.
We use many of this type, but this one is the most
clear and easiest to read. They have good campsites
and give a lot more information than most books.
They also have GPS coordinates for all camping sites.
Don't leave home without it!

Katie and the Mona Lisa
Mozart loves this whole series. We got them when she
was quite young,but she still loves them at seven and
rereads them all over and over. Charming stories,
exuberant illustrations and a fun approach to art
education for a young child. When she sees these
paintings in real life in museums as we travel,
she feels like they belong to her.

Storybook Travels
Great ideas for family travel by making itineraries
based on great children's Literature! Over 30
itineraries in North America and Europe for amazing
adventures for parents and children to share. We have
done many out of the book and have taken the idea
and made some of our own. Love it....wonderful
way to help a child identify with a place and learn
while having fun.

D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths
This is one of Mozart's absolute favorite books!
It is big, so I debated whether we should bring it or
not. I am thrilled that we decided to bring it along,
especially for Greece and Turkey! This is a children's
classic with great drawings and tales and I know at
least one gifted school that uses it in their curriculum.
This makes homeschool very easy for a child with
passion for this subject. We met a teacher on our
gulet boat trip in Turkey who said Mozart knew
more about Greek myths than he did and she
had learned it all on her own.

Take Your Kids to Europe
This book is a good practical guide for taking a family
trip to Europe. They have a lot of good ideas about
kid friendly things to do and we especially liked the
information about the benefits of family travel by
motorhome/RV in Europe, rentals and longer stays.

One Year Off
This is one of the first books we read about a traveling
family going around the world and it got us excited
about the possibilities for our own family trip.
They even took a nanny! Later we read a college paper
by one of the children who is now grown,  stating how
much this experience had a profound impact on her life
in many positive ways. If you are considering a family
trip around the world or exotic family travel,
this is a good read!

Material World
I think this is a very important book that every child, every person should see and certainly a traveling family. It visually shows you what a typical family owns around the world. This is particularly important for a first world family and children who have come to think endless materialism is a necessary part of life. Excellent food for thought and motivation to live a less encumbered, freer life.

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