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What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You
About Children's Vaccinations

Written by an MD who is an expert on pediatric
vaccinations, this is an excellent book to help one
make this very important and difficult decision.
It is essential to get informed, even more so for
families that travel. Travel clinics have a vested
interest, so unlikely to give you the whole picture.
This book is a good starting point. Sometimes the
vaccine can be more harmful than the  disease and
there are many precautions a parent can take to
make this a safer choice.

How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor
A classic....oldie, but goody! This is a must read for
all parents & we have it  with us at all times as  a
handy reference manual. As a former nurse, I love
this smart MD Pediatrician who has a ton of
good practical advice.

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