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How Children Learn
Classic read by an extraordinary teacher
and one of the fathers of the homeschooling

How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor
A classic....oldie, but goody! This is a must read for
all parents & we have it  with us at all times as  a
handy reference manual. As a former nurse, I love
this smart MD Pediatrician who has a ton of
good practical advice.

Take Your Kids to Europe
This book is a good practical guide for taking a family
trip to Europe. They have a lot of good ideas about
kid friendly things to do and we especially liked the
information about the benefits of family travel by
motorhome/RV in Europe, rentals and longer stays.

Math Coach A Parent's Guide to
Helping Children Succeed in Math

This is a great book to help your kid with math whether you homeschool or have a child in school. When we are on the move, math, reading, music, games, journals & discussions are the keys for us. This is a good reference book & we carry it with us in our traveling library.

In English of Course
This is a lovely picture book and funny tale based on a true story about a girl from Naples, Italy who moves to New York City and her fist day in class with other immigrant children & a child's perspective on being bilingual and learning a new language this way. I bought this for Mozart before leaving as a kind of bibliotherapy to prepare her for her life in her new school in her second language. It was valuable on several levels and she still enjoys this book.

A Family Year Abroad
There are not that many books about family extended travel ( and there were even less when we prepared in 2005 and took off in 2006), so I used every resource that I could find for been there, done that information. This book was not my favorite as it applied primarily to a family spending a year in the Czech Republic  and attending American school and we were more interested in Spain and local schools to immerse in the culture. Still, I did gather some good information from it and I bought it. Every source has a little different take on things so many sources help in forming a plan.

WorldTrek: A Family Odyssey
This is the story of a family from Texas with two teens  that took a year off for a trip around the world. We think that is much too fast to see the world, but if that is all you have then it is better than most get. I would probably do less in this time as traveling fast can cost a lot more and take away from the experience, but there is benefit in reading many books on this topic. It is exciting as you prepare and helps one form ideas for your own trip.

Educational Travel on a Shoestring
We think that one of the primary reasons to travel with children is for educational reasons, so of course we liked this book's premise. It is not about extended travel
but combines too of our favorite topics frugal family travel and using travel as an educational opportunity before, during and after a family journey. Lots of practical tips here on how to get the most out of it for little cost.

Bring Your Own Children
This book was written by a renown psychologist who took a sabbatical with her family in South America. She gives lots of emphasis of the importance of traveling with children and lots of practical details about how to do that, especially extensive travel  in South America. Their 8 year old son writes in every chapter about his experience and what he liked and did not like.

The Family Sabbatical Handbook
This book like Escape 101, is about a family that spent an extended vacation in Mexico with a small child  and gained a lot of first hand information about how to do that. I think it is valuable to read many books on this topic to gain something unique from each as one plans their own escape. Lots of good information here that can help you with planning.

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