Suite Bon Voyage PJ Party

August 22, 2006


So we fulfilled our promise to Ms Mozart about one last birthday party even though her birthday would not arrive until after we were gone. She has never had a pajama party and really wanted one, but we were on a fast moving train getting rid of everything left in our rental home, thus we decided to have it at a hotel and throw in the bon voyage (and our 15th wedding anniversary as it just happened to land on that date). Since we were already on overwhelm with all of our last minute details of moving and leaving on this trip at the same time,we just wanted to keep it as simple as possible (and let someone else do the clean up).

It turned out to probably be the nicest sleep over that a little girl could have and Ms. Mozart was beside herself with joy the whole time. She was just allowed 4 closest friends and each one was a delight. They had a blast! They played in the pool, Jacuzzi outside and jacuzzi tub inside the master bath at night and in the morning,did  craft projects, played with the new toys, ate too many sweets, pizza and giggled and whispered half the night away.

It was also nice to spend some pleasant and relaxed time with family and close friends that we have been much too busy for lately. We took two full days off to just relax and enjoy this time, which is a lot when one is so close to a take off date. We even managed to enjoy a little time for ourselves, watched a good movie while they watched theirs and had space to contemplate & discuss our upcoming adventure. We have been living in a certain amount of chaos with the move out and take off  both  looming, so it was nice just to bask in a bit of luxury and ease.

We feel so blessed to have such support and love in our life. Our families have been so supportive through this whole preparation stage, as they always are, despite their mourning and adjustment of not having us close by. I often wonder how I ever got so lucky to have such sweet people in my life.



















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