Black Eyed Pea

March 12, 2007


Oops, poor baby, a little drama added to the mix! Mozart bumped her eye on the jacuzzi wall while swimming with dad and it instantly popped up about the size of a golf ball which was pretty scary. I am writing this twelve days later and it is still dark blue and much darker than any of the pictures show. They tend to have the water here right up to the edge so it was hard to see the wall and it happened fast.

Luckily it did not hurt her much and we called an attendant over who got ice right away. The manager was very accommodating and even bought her a box of her favorite ice cream when he came to check on her in our room. He recommended a nearby physician and even led us there in his car.

It started out as a day full of merry making as there is nothing Mozart loves more than to swim and it was an unseasonably warm and sunny day. She is not one to let much hold her back, so she also managed to enjoy the experience of being the patient and the adventure of going off to the doctors in her pajamas in the middle of the day. She got to watch another dvd to occupy her while the ice was on her head, so that is never a burden. It looked horrible but it did not hurt much according to her.

Still mom and pop worried some until we saw the doctor and got the official okay. He seemed very kind and professional  and I liked it that he was cautious about taking an x-ray since it did not look like she needed one. She has a little surface vein on her forehead and he thinks that was traumatized in the injury and that created the loose blood that made the immediate bump.

He gave us a prescription for some cream to help with the swelling and color that we filled at a pharmacy nearby. Better yet he gave us his phone number and instructions of what to look out for in the next twenty four hours, should any problems arise. With a head injury it is always good to keep an eye on things.

The good news is that it never bothered her much and it gets better everyday. It is even placed in such a way that it is not always obvious in her photos. It was funny that one person even wondered why she had on purple eye shadow on one eye!











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