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September 24, 2010

family travel in Sweden tips

Family travel for us is often about being in nature and sometimes learning about different kinds of animals, and environments, sometimes in playful ways. This was a beautiful campsite on a lake in Sweden. This gigantic, happy  moose was the mascot there. Coincidentally,  at the same time that we were enjoying this moose and elk countryside in Sweden, members of our family were visiting Alaska with that cool summer moose countryside. It was funny that comparing pictures showed them to be similar in many ways.

We had such a fantastic time in Sweden from visiting Stockholm ( where Mozart celebrated her 8th birthday at the Pippy Longstocking museum) to eating reindeer meat in a traditional kota with good friends to enjoying the Ice Bar,  and simple pleasures like making music together and playing with pets. It was one of our favorite places so we will be writing more as we have a chance. This season reminds me about the mushroom hunting we did there..yum!

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You found Bullwinkle!
Bullwinkle lives (kind-of).

Dave and Deb

Cute shot. It is amazing how similar places in the world can be while being completely different at the same time:-) I never would have expected a moose to be a mascot in Sweden.

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