Family Travel Paris, France: Louvre Sunset Photo

March 10, 2011


louvre at sunset photo family travel paris

Love experiencing the gorgeous Louvre Museum in Paris at sunset as the golden light shines upon it and the pyramid designed by American architech  I. M. Pei adds a unique perspective.

Yes, like most families who visit Paris, we have seen the Louvre Museum inside and out during our repeated touring of Paris, but family travel, also means just enjoying the ambiance of a place by wandering about.

We were on our way to somewhere else when the sun began to set and led us in this new direction..pulled by the beauty. All of Paris seems to be happily on a holiday in August, with a much more relaxed atmosphere than in the fall.It was wonderful to be re-experiencing a Paris long stay with Mozart now ten as she still had fond memories of Paris from her vist on her sixth birthday here.

There are many wonders inside the amazing Louvre, but experiencing different parts and angles of this former stunning palace while allowing a kid to run and play, is also part of family travel joy. What is your favorite part of the Louvre or family travel?

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Lainie Liberti

Beautiful image!! I can't wait to get back to the Louvre Museum inParis and share it with Miro for the first time. Wonderful art and artifacts, actually one the world's most amazing collections.
Loved the Egyptian section too.
Best to you on your travels!

Torben Rolfsen

Having visited in mid-August and early October (both great), I would agree that August is the time to go. Uncrowded and good weather, day and night, makes it really ideal for walking around and sitting outside.

jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Lainie! When are you going to Paris? The Louvre is amazing for kids too and he'll love it and we can never get enough of it or Paris so will be back for sure.

Loving tropical Asia for the winter, but also excited that we will be back in Europe this summer.

Best to you too...sending hugs your way!

jeanne @soultravelers3

Yes, Torben, I agree! I have heard though that August can be sweltering hot sometimes, but it was fall like when we were there last summer in August, but still better weather than when we were there in the fall and less crowded.


It's so awesome your daughter has experienced the world even to the young age she is!

We haven't been to Paris, but it's definitely on our list of places to stay for a while when we get to Europe!

Our adventure starts in a few years after some educational goals are completed and we can change careers mid-way through our life!

Thanks for the inspiration:)

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