Andalusia Pleasures

August 17, 2011

Andalusia white house, green hills, blue sky memories

You might have guessed by now that we have fallen madly in love with Andalusia's many charms. It's been wonderful to spend time here over 5 years. When we returned to Spain this May we realized how much we missed it. This photo was taken at our campsite near our favorite white village and I like it for the memories in stirs in me despite the pretty blue flowers being out of focus.

I have written before about southern Spain, Andalusia spa's and Arab Baths, family tips for Costa Del Sol , Rock of Gilbraltar and even how to winter in Spain. Loads more of course as I never tire of this subject and we know it well.

I suppose I am getting a bit nostalgic because our time in Spain will soon be up for this year.  We will miss sweet Espana as we travel the world, but we will be back.

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